Augmented Reality

Top 10 Augmented Reality (AR) App Development Companies 2020

Augmented reality (AR) is still fairly exotic within this IT world. However, there are many products already available with augmented reality. The augmented reality lets both enterprises and app developers cover the digital information on the real world objects. AR makes big rolls over the mobile technology to outlook and is previously started to develop a disrupting power over several industries that range from retail and finance to fashion and travel. The AR technology is generally seen as a rise of available technologies which is useful in terms of client selection. If anyone has a device or smartphone that consists of inbuilt video, he or she can use and access the technology. Apart from that, augmented reality also makes a compound view for the people which are a key to the original view of people as well as virtual scene developed by PC which augments with the overall view with additional information.

Augmented Reality Statistics 2020

Check out these enticing facts to know how this technology is emerging globally in almost all the verticals.

  • According to Statistia, it is forecasted that the global consumer spending on AR and VR will be USD 7 billion by the end of this year.
  • The same report shows that the global share of the AR/VR spending in consumer market will be 37.4% by the end of this year. The report also unveiled the global market size of both these technologies will be USD 18.8 billion.
  • As per Gartner Inc., 100 million consumers will shop in AR online and physical stores.
  • According to Statista, the total user downloads of AR-based applications will get 5.5 billion by 2022.
  • As per a Digi-Capital report, the AR/VR market will generate approximately USD 65 billion revenue by 2024.
  • According to an IDC’s report, global spending on AR/VR products as well as services during 2019-2023 is expected to grow at a CAGR of 77%.

These facts depict that it is the need of the hour to integrate augmented reality in your existing apps or build AR-based applications for your startup or enterprise.

For every business owner trying to build an extremely lasting and more engaging relationship with their customers and prospects, AR is an essential technology to achieve the task. The great evolution to a mainstream will let companies build augmented reality into more holistic and larger applications, creating an array of capabilities for more meaningful and valuable customer experiences. Hence, the future of AR remains hugely open. It encourages every business to implement AR app in every lifecycle of customer engagement that ranges from sales, customer awareness and marketing to deployment, installation, support, and service. Hiring the best ar app development company is a right way to develop an augmented reality app for your business. At present many companies are working on augmented reality. It is useful to understand the importance and benefits of AR before hiring any company.

Role of Augmented Reality in Today’s Business

The major benefit of the company in ar app development for tablets and smartphones is that now augmented reality is going to completely change the nature of commerce entirely.  In future, individuals will be capable to try on outfits without truly wearing it or examine how a furniture item will perfectly fit the living space. AR development provides new changes for many markets that include travel, education, manufacturing, and commerce.  Here are the advantages of AR development as follow:

  • Manufacturing

The augmented reality app development can bring as well as accelerate the overall building task at any manufacturing factory. For example, managers can properly monitor the real work in the real-time by using AR markets. Along with this, it also saves more time with digital maps and plants. Read More

  • Shopping

Creating AR app for iOS and Android platforms find the new and excellent experience for offline and online shopping process. The virtual fitting rooms allow users to find the suitable size and decrease the possibility of product returns.

The similar things go for a new furniture or car color in your home. Many retailers can create augmented reality apps specially tailored to their business brands to bring a wonderful experience to the customers. You can ensure that you can use AR for your marketing campaigns by including augmented reality as the supportive materials.

  • Tourism and travel

The travel applications with AR can show travelers both routes and directors to their desirable destinations, give details data regarding sightseeing at a specific location and translate signs on boards. It means that the business owners can add an excellent layer of augmented reality in their mobile travel application brings travelers new travel experience.

  • Education

Augmented reality technology gives many possibilities for learning and educational processes. AR offers an effective cognition method with appealing and effective real-life simulations. For instance, the medical scholars can currently try their surgeries with no risk of injuring the patients. The upcoming astronauts can practice using augmented technology for getting ready for their further space mission. The AR brings a psychological and physical experience and aids in offering a real virtual experience that is implemented in the real life. Noticeably enough, every benefit of AR has their own challenges for various businesses or brands. Read More


How Much Does It Cost to Develop an AR App?

The cost of AR app development depends on various factors. Hence, you should begin your AR development task with a clear documentation which consists of every need that the AR application should satisfy the needs of end-users.

The cost of AR app development consists of 3 important components including:

  • What data your customers are thought to receive
  • The place or object where AR should appear
  • How you go to bring the augmented reality experience

Furthermore, to create an AR application for Android or iOS, there are lots of tools required.  The augmented reality company has a team of skilled app developers who bring you the most efficient and high-quality ar app development solutions.

Let’s start with the list of Top 10 Augmented Reality App Development Companies 2020:

  1. Quytech
  2. Fair Worlds
  3. Transition Technologies PSC
  5. Eonreality
  6. IQVIS
  7. AppReal-VR
  8. INDE
  10. Arlab

Here is an array of top ten AR app development firms. You can select the right company based on your business needs and requirements.


AR is the improved view of the real world noticed through the digital screen. It let people to easily interact with the digital world by using real-world stuff. Quytech is working on AR for several years to builds many apps on AR. Some of the applications are uploaded to the Android and Apple app store.  If you want to get AR application on mobility, you can contact the professional team of AR app developers at Quytech. These applications are managed properly to take an innovation to next level.

Quytech AR Works – Webbased AR, AR Wine label, Augmented Reality Interior Design, augmented reality games, AR Woker assistant app, Virtual Try On glasses, virtual jewelery app. Check more AR work Here.

Fair Worlds

Fair Worlds is Austin based AR/VR app Development Company. The focus of the company is to create immersive experiences for a wide range of applications. They offer the service for Startups to enterprise with VR solutions for training and sales. AR development services of the company work with skills and creativity to deliver exclusive projects bounded to a targeted audience.

Transition Technologies PSC

Transition Technologies PSC co-partnership belongs to Transition Technologies Capital Group. The company focus on the needs of different kinds of business. Transition Technologies PSC support clients not only in the scope of implementing advanced technologies but creating modern solutions. Business with different challenges and effective management of digital transformation process approach this company. Apart from that, it is located in three continents- in Europe (Poland, Scandinavian countries, France, Germany, Ukraine), the United States of America and Asia (Taiwan, Japan).


It is among the fastest growing company in the field of AR/VR application development. Its focus is centered on design and seamlessness experience. It has countless experience, as it has provided AR/VR development services in a variety of fields. This company is well equipped with development skills to provide clients/customers with the best experience they look for. With innovative AR/VR solutions in the market, these are the prime provider’s someone needs. It is responsible for providing the best quality AR/ VR apps with the ideas, designs and reusable platform.


IQVIS is expert in web, mobile, cloud and emerging technologies such as AR/VR. This company is one of the effective augmented reality application development company that comes with an expert team with highly knowledgeable developers. The expert team always use the best app development techniques in the industry to build the most interactive and creative AR application. The cost of these AR app development solutions is very affordable that will perfectly suit your business.


Voxware offer technology solutions that deliver essential supply chain information exactly to meet the exceptional requirements and needs of clients and customers.  Customer satisfaction is the main focus of this company in order to deliver on their promises. Therefore, an expert team out here work hard to meet your needs and beyond your expectations.   With professionals who have the capability to optimize the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of distribution operations Voxware is always counted in the list.


Amplexor has vast experience to work with different brands, SMEs, startups, and individuals belong from diversified industry verticals. It works to change the way organizations operate through smarter content and premium user experiences helping clients to improve efficiency. Hence, owing to such exclusive exposure, Amplexor understands the client’s expectations swiftly and shape out their excellent ideas into incredible products and services. With their services include strategy, consulting, technology, system integration and operations & maintenance they help to increase revenue ensure quality and compliance.


AppReal-VR is an effective platform that aims to turn all of your vision into the marketable reality. The team is experts in many augmented reality tools like Augment, ViewAR, Catchoom, Vuforia, Wikitude and much more. The augmented reality app developers specialize in creating AR solutions and other services for business. The augmented reality app development company hires the qualified and experienced app developers who understand the needs of customers precisely and meet them accordingly.


INDE develops the award-winning immersive and interactive experiences and products in advertising, entertainment, and education. The team develop using the emerging technologies like computer vision, augmented reality and motion capture to create the next-generation platform which can change the way individuals interact with the digital content. The app development team understand that AR brings an excellent opportunity to create the new generation of unique entertainment and digital learning products. They can change how people interact with the 3D content.


Arlab is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of Augmented Reality and computer vision. They offers an extended portfolio of technological solutions for AR. Not only useful, easy and fast applications developed by software experts, but also precise, elegant and effective technologies that enable an efficient development in an extremely short time to market.

Why hire AR app Development Company in India?

AR technologies give the lifelike experience and other benefits to your buyers.  The ar company in India bring you superior quality services to create interactive and innovative business applications.  The specially developed AR application can attract lots of customers towards your business within a short time period.

When you hire the app developers from the top AR app development company, you can get entire control over the app development project at very competitive rates.  Additionally, you can receive bespoke and finest quality augmented reality app development solutions because the dedicated ar app developers develop AR applications keeping every business aspect in mind. By using the best kind of AR app development solutions, you can acquire lots of benefits, including:

  • Enhancing Marketing

The customized and effective AR applications can improve the marketing campaign for your business. Additionally, it also brings your company a competitive and excellent edge because they can grab the attention of many people.

  • Better customer relationship

The dedicated ar app developers build engaging, customized augmented reality applications through that you can easily spread awareness regarding your business brand and enhanced relationships with the customers

  • Industrial Maintenance

Augmented reality is helpful for your industrial maintenance. The app developers create AR application to your business with a better experience in retaining and attracting customers.