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Top Enterprise Mobility Solutions Companies in India 2018

Enterprise Mobility Solutions Companies

Top Enterprise Mobility Solutions Companies in India 2018 (Top 10)

Mobility drives the enterprise quickly with modern technology demands in the modern era with electrifying changes. Enterprise Mobility plays a major role in the enterprise transformation with strategic trends such as consumerization of IT, mobile enterprise security management, mobile applications, machine-to-machine solutions, and many more. Modern enterprise mobility also increases productivity substantially and leverages the modern phenomenon. The modern industry has seen a sudden spurt with the wide number of enterprise mobility solutions in the extensive platform and it also helps to build more strategy in modern business. Updating enterprise mobility management strategies based on the sales and field teams is the right solution. Mobility is considered as the powerful communication tool and the key driver for major IT changes that tend to make convenient business success. The organization required the expertise to build an effective mobile strategy with ground up with specific requirements.

Statistics And Scope:

According to the recent survey on 40% of businesses states that improving mobility strategy has greatly increased the individual productivity gains, increase customer engagement as well as team collaboration. Almost 71% of companies move towards business mobility to develop and deploy customer-facing apps and mainly focuses on improving better customer experience. According to the survey, customers who execute business mobility also made the 150% Return on Investments (ROI). Benefits of enterprise mobility management solution enable the reductions in IT operational time, total management costs, the ability to bring new revenue, increased worker productivity, and much more. Business gains the competitive advantage against lag behind updating the mobility to high excellence.

Modern Enterprise Mobility Market:

The enterprise mobility management system also empowers the sales and production of business with saving more money for excellence. With extending the key office application as well as enabling the security of critical business functions is much more convenient. In fact, the enterprise mobility management solution efficiently allows digital communication as well as the capabilities with increased productivity and audience engagement. CIO Review brings you the complete listings of Top enterprise mobility solutions companies India for helping the CIOs to find the prior solution to build the best App that is tailored according to the specific needs of enterprises. To tackle the enterprise mobility challenge, the distinguished panel comprises of the VCs, industry analysts, and many others play an important role.

Let’s start with the list of Top Enterprise Mobility Solutions Companies in India 2018

1. Quytech
2. GirnarSoft
3. Tech Endeavour
4. GoodWorkLabs 
5. RapidValue
6. Logicnext
7. Avaali Solutions
8. Mobiliya
9. Intellika
10. e-Zest

Quytech :

QuyTechnology Pvt Ltd incorporated in 2010 is known for providing bespoke Web Software and Mobile development services. Being an expert in the niche technology on mobile application development, outsourcing, and consulting, QuyTech ranks the number one position in India. QuyTech Pvt Ltd is a leading service provider of enterprise mobility solutions with extensive experience and strong skills. QuyTech is the superior provider of Mobile Software Technology and Solutions with catering complete requirements of the clients. Complete enterprise mobility solutions are offered to the businesses that help to reach the customers much more effectively. QuyTech Pvt Ltd provides complete technology and tools to overcome challenges that are faced by the enterprise to deploy the mobility solution. Quytech works with Startup and Enterprises. Professionals tune complete mobile strategy with providing the end to end solutions starting from the conceptualization to deployment. Quytech is also known to be included by cioreviewindia.com in their listing of the top 20 most promising enterprise mobility companies.

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Constantly changing the economy with a booming global market poses great difficult challenges for modern business. When you like to keep the business moving forward towards success then it is necessary to keep up with the latest technology. Mobility is acknowledged as troublesome technology as many different kinds of modernization have improved a lot. Modern Smartphone has been developed with multiple features that let to access more technology within seconds. Multitasking ability also tends to give you complete communication, entertainment, lifestyle changes, gaming, and even do business using smartphones. With the introduction of the new application, there is an immense perspective of changes that take place in modern business. In fact, Mobility has helped many companies to easily make contextual data for modern customers. GirnarSoft completely understands the business needs of providing the enterprise’s innovative enterprise mobility solution at much more affordable rate. GirnarSoft delivers the enterprise with the high-end mobility solution that suits the client’s requirements. GirnarSoft readily helps the clients to attain the customer-centric mobility solution by enabling the seamless access of the contents or the mobile app development. Mobile technologies set the complete innovation solution in a tremendous way that helps business to stride fast. An enterprise mobility solution is a right choice for getting complete marketing features to the maximum.

Tech Endeavour:

Mobile technologies set innovative solutions with tremendous activities to help modern businesses with increased production and sale. When you like to make your business flourish, it is necessary to make a superior enterprise mobility solutions based on the needs. Mobility Opportunity Assessment (MOA) process involves the EM3 Model that is applied based on the different options to categorize enterprises with Void, Intermediate, Exploratory, and Expert areas based on current mobility state. Tech Endeavour helps the business to transform your business towards the future with creating a complete future-proof organization with continuous improvement. Experts in Endeavour help the clients to plan technology infrastructure based on needs for the enterprises based on the mobility implementation along with other criteria. With deep industry knowledge as well as technical expertise, Tech Endeavour helps the enterprises as well as SMEs into the journey towards the finest ‘Mobile First’ organization. Be it the professional services based on the mobile wallets or location, experts also helps to co-create an extensive solution that suits the clients need. Endeavour believes in the constant innovation as well as hastened delivery of the project.

GoodWorkLabs :

GoodWorkLabs is the leading and world-class software lab and UX design studio that offers superior and innovative cutting-edge products, games, and mobile apps for the global clients. GoodWorkLabs achieved great heights in modern business development apps as well as services based on requirements of the client’s needs. GoodWorkLabs emphasis on the modern design of IT products with the quick start-up built impressively based on clientele. GoodWorkLabs also become the powerhouse of modern innovation by providing the innovative design and technology for the clients across the globe. GoodWorkLabs has come from a highly successful journey with lots of product developments to maximum and good reviews. GoodWorkLabs is an Award-winning outsourced enterprise mobility provider in India. GoodWorkLabs works on the development of the mobile App as well as software products like the iPhone app, iPad, Ruby on Rails, Android, MySQL, Oracle, Java, Perl, and much more.


Founded in 2009, RapidValue is one of the emerging global leaders in the digital transformation of modern enterprises. RapidValue brings the end-to-end services in mobility, IoT, omnichannel as well as cloud technology. Armed with a large team of experts, RapidValue brings you the complete solution that includes application development, consulting, UX design, integration, and testing, as well as delivers the projects in the extensive innovation. RapidValue offers you a wide range of services in the extended verticals and also known to work with the top brands, Multinational companies, innovative start-ups, and many others. RapidValue also has offices in many countries that include India, the United Kingdom, and the United States. RapidValue boosts the entire operating system with innovative enterprise mobility services.


Modern customers are always on the go so it is better to embrace the mobility to reap more benefits. The technology of modern mobile goes beyond the latest mantra with the development of innovation and consumerization. Most of the enterprises like to cash in with the latest wave of innovation for improving more productivity with complete customer satisfaction. Logicnext is the leading firm to offer mobility solutions and creates the right service anytime and anywhere. Careful planning, as well as technical expertise, reaps more benefits of modern mobility in a much more secure and practical manner. The main strategy focuses on the extensive set of features with a unique platform. Mobile Application Development team is known for its past successful projects with developing constantly based on the client’s requirements. Dedicated and experienced 21 beta testers deliver you the right product with the strong end-to-end testing practices. Being expertise in mobile technologies, Logicnext helps all the organization to attain a successful position in modern mobility deployments.

Avaali Solutions:

Avaali Solutions is the top end firm that enables enterprises to easily drive and deliver business results with leveraging digital technologies. Avaali Solutions have the strong core knowledge to power the upper and mid-to-large enterprises bringing the right solution for the Enterprise Information Management along with the Enterprise Mobility. Professional advisory, consulting, as well as implementation service enabled the enterprises to easily transform the whole business process as well as easier to engage more stakeholders that include the customers, employees, vendors, partners as well as shareholders. Avaali is a provider of innovative mobility solutions that helps to transform the businesses and enables the internal and external stakeholders for delivering the better business value. Avaali Solutions offers a rich experience with planning, implementing, and delivering value to the modern business. Based on the context of requirement, Avaali brings you the complete solution to easily accelerating cycle time for achieving business goals.


The phenomenal growth of mobile devices opened more opportunities for the organization for integrating the technology into the mainstream computing environment. The modern mobile application also delivers complex functionality and there are a plethora of devices having extensive software and hardware configuration with the communication intricacies. With more number of enterprise application deployed for the modern business that ported for mobile devices. Most of the enterprise mobility companies readily work on the seamlessly assimilating of daily lives with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Voice-powered personal assistants such as Alexa and Siri along with advanced Chatbots, Self-Driving vehicles, Robo-advisors, and many others also have different applications based on Artificial Intelligence. Mobiliya is the world’s leading companies to offer next-gen product engineering. Mobiliya is also the finest workplace to bring you more opportunities for the modern mobility solution. Enterprise mobility transforms not only the internal operational process but also significantly gives you more options to cut down the cost and execute the process with easily transforming the better customer experience in an innovative manner.


Mobility is also accepted as the best explosive technology innovation that is mostly faced by modern corporate. Smartphones and gadgets also evolved a lot with providing more options for the enterprise data transfer and also introduces the new application and service. It also efficiently helps to leverage the corporate contextual data for reaching the customer much more effectively. Since Mobile technologies have moved the businesses from the fixed location and unlock the immense value with unleashing the innovative solution, it helps the modern business to easily achieve the highest point. Corporate and other businesses are also at the edge of realizing the immense potential of mobility and many companies also encounter the challenges in this journey for opportunities. Intellika helps you to achieve a better customer-oriented mobility solution from web access to Mobile applications. Intellika also lets to create a customized solution based on the need for more number of features and suitable for enabling high-end solutions.


e-Zest is one of the leading enterprise mobility in India that worked with many businesses with delivering high-quality enterprise mobility solutions. The Enterprise Mobility Consulting Services offered by a professional team helps to build the mobility roadmap for achieving the business goals. e-Zest’s managed service brings you the complete option for maximizing potential mobility with the cloud features. Complete Enterprise Mobility Development Services is offered based on the design as well as developments in the testing across all the platforms that include the Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. Core services work through the rich partner eco-system and serve as the single source to put the solid mobile strategy, implementation, and development of the mobile application. Enterprise Mobility Innovations mainly involve the development of the web-based platform for creating a rich mobile application. Mobile applications also run on multiple devices with the extensive work offline features. Tabit web platform efficiently allows us to easily modify content based on the application in real-time. e-Zest boast the satisfied customers to leverage the successful solution for enterprises.lit

I hope you will find this list of top enterprise mobility solutions companies helpful. Time to time we will update this list.