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Top 5 Front End and Backend Technologies Developers are using in 2021

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Mobile applications have become an indispensable part of our lives. From socializing, travel booking, food ordering to online shopping, and more, we have a mobile application for almost everything. But have you ever wondered how a mobile application is built?

Of course, the development process needs experienced and skilled developers, designers, testing engineers, and other professionals. But what it needs the most is deciding on the right mobile app technologies. Here, we are talking about the frontend and backend technologies that contribute majorly to the success of a mobile application. 

Selecting the right frontend and backend technologies plays a pivotal role when choosing the mobile app tech stack. To help you choose the most suitable one for your particular mobile application, we have provided a list of five frontend and five backend technologies in this article. But before you check them out, let’s know a bit about both these technologies:

What is Frontend Technology?

Frontend is the part of a mobile application or website that users see. In other words, the user interface of an app is called as its frontend. Frontend technologies help in designing, creating, and structuring the frontend seamlessly and efficiently.

What is Backend Technology?

Backend is the part of a mobile app or website that constitutes an application, database, and a server. It deals with the features and functionalities of the app. Backend technologies enable a developer to combine these components for the backend development.

Top 5 Frontend Technologies

  • React

Supported and maintained by Facebook, React is one of the popular frontend technologies among the developers worldwide. It is an open-source JavaScript library that offers speedy debugging, code reusability, and other features to enable smooth development of user interfaces and its components.

On top of that, the interfaces designed using this frontend framework are SEO-friendly and highly responsive. Airbnb, BBC, Reddit are some of the applications developed using React or React.js.

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  • Vue.js

This is yet another famous framework used for frontend development, i.e. for building interfaces. This open-source frontend technology uses MVVM (model-view-viewmodel) architecture and offers benefits like simple integration, small size, detailed documentation, 2-way communication, and more.

  • HTML5 Boilerplate

HTML5 Boilerplate provides frontend templates to enable the professionals to create robust and adaptable apps with lots of features and HTML5 functionalities. Using this technology, developers can use the new standards in user interface designing and development.

  • Flutter

Flutter, an open-source UI software development kit, was created by Google. Using this framework, developers can build cross-platform applications with aesthetically appealing interfaces. Flutter comes up with a variety of widgets that help developers to build responsive and beautiful user interfaces.

Compatibility, hot reloading, excellent performance, and other features of this frontend technology make it a preferred choice of developers. Alibaba and Hookel are the two examples where Flutter has been used for frontend development.

  • Angular

Licensed under MIT, Angular is a typescript-based open-source that is preferred by developers for building mobile app frontends. Angular has a vast community support and is maintained by the biggest technology company, Google.

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This technology helps in developing high-performance applications. It is the MVVM (model–view–viewmodel) architecture of Angular that makes the code maintenance simple and easy. Moreover, it also facilitates effortless testing to ensure the flawlessness of the application. Gmail and The Guardian are the two applications that use this frontend technology.  


Top 5 Backend Technologies

  • Ruby on Rails

This backend technology is easy to write and read, and hence, facilitates effortless app development. Ruby on Rails is built using the model-view-controller architecture, which enables developers into easily integrate new features and business logic to an app. A huge library of plugins, clear syntaxes, and vast community support are some of the key features of RoR.

  • Laravel

It is basically a PHP based backend technology that comes up with a powerful template system called Blade. It can accommodate large teams, have clear syntaxes, and offers a large toolkit to allow developers to create the backend without any hassle. Other key advantages of Laravel include a fast routing engine, a built-in CLI, and excellent documentation. 

  • Django

Django is a highly customizable and scalable backend technology that can be used mainly for building large applications. It comes with everything a developer needs to build the backend, which means there is no need to use third-party plugins. Mozilla, Disqus, and Pinterest are some of the apps that have been developed using Django.

  • Phoenix

Works with Erlang’s Virtual Machine, Phoenix has been developed using Elixir. The backend technology comes up with built-in database options, excellent documentation, great community support, and is used to develop scalable applications. You can consider Phoenix for speedy backend development. 

  • Express

Express framework includes great routing API, a vast collection of plugins, and a variety of HTTP utility methods that ensures a speedy and effortless backend development. Uber, IBM, and Accenture are three big brands that use this backend technolgoy.

Now when you know about these top mobile app technologies, use any of them for your beginning the mobile app process.

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Final Words

Want to build a mobile application and looking out for the trending frontend and backend technologies? Well, this article is exclusively for you. Here, you can check the top five technologies that developers are using for frontend and backend development of mobile applications.

The best frontend technologies include Vue.js, Angular, React, Flutter, and HTML, and the best backend technologies include Ruby on Rails, Laravel, Django, Phoenix, and Express. To know them in detail, read the complete article.

For building a mobile application using these technologies, follow a systematic approach by defining your goals, choosing the right tech stack, designing, developing, testing the app, and launching it on the desired platform.