Augmented Reality

What is the Use Cases of Augmented Reality in the CPG Industry

Augmented Reality in CPG

Customer engagement is directly connected to the responsive connection between a consumer and a company. The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is undergoing a major transformation as customers are becoming more technically sound. The key to creating a digitally transformed CPG brand is to provide a high-quality AR experience. This helps to build upon new business strategies and execute the new concept of capabilities.

Augmented Reality allows CPG companies to powerfully engage with customers, which demonstrates loyalty.  AR solution for brands is built to increase consumer engagement. Brands having AR solutions create highly engaged customers that buy more and endorse more about the products. Therefore, AR ideate new business models including new services and products.

Redefining The Marketing Experience With AR

Offering a high-quality customer experience is an important component in your customer engagement strategy. AR is here to drive new digital experiences through Omni-channel retailing, eCommerce and mobile platforms. Hence, to deliver hyper-personalized customer experiences CPG companies like coco have created a new market.

Leveraging the next generation of digital technologies CPG companies are constantly increasing their rate of customer engagement. According to the report total spending on AR across the globe is expected to increase from $11.4 billion in 2017 to $215 billion in 2021. It enables brands to deliver immersive experiences to drive commerce at a faster speed and meet new customer expectations.

  • Deliver exciting and memorable customer experiences such as virtual try.
  • Attract more customers with interactive 3D altered environments.
  • Video or audio increases your social networks and in real life customers.
  • Every customer interaction between the user and connected devices to ensure you are achieving goals.
  • Illustrates the features of products to accelerate decision making in the buying process.

CPG manufacturers are rapidly acclimatizing digital technologies such as AI, Internet of Things, Cloud-computing, Augmented and Virtual Reality to the core of their business based on increasing demand.

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Use Cases of Augmented Reality in the CPG industry

Augmented reality offers an enormous potential for brands and businesses to revolutionize the way they connect with consumers in today’s digital world. CPG companies are leveraging the power of AR to offer hyper-personalized customer experiences to the customer.

Augmented Reality Catalog

Using AR based digital catalog enables consumers can scan the products in the catalog and reveal additional information about the product.  Therefore, the 3D-visual image of the product within the user’s environment with AR acts as a way to gauge the correct scale of the furniture, food, jewelry, appliance, and many more industries.

Product Visualization

Virtually trying and purchasing is all through the power of Augmented reality when combined with a smartphone. AR with enhanced product visualization usefully demonstrates the details of a product. With the help of AR app, consumer no need to speculate about products before buying them. The shoppers can initiate and complete their purchase within the AR app. Therefore, with the help of this consumer can select the product from a wide range of virtual list.

Augmented Reality Food Packaging


AR in packing is transforming how consumers interact with products. This allows CPG manufacturers to stay in the race by updating product information or promotional offers just in one click. Therefore, every size of CPG company is integrating AR experiences into their packaging process. It portraits compelling and impression in the minds of consumers that act as multi-dimensional communication platform of the industries.

AR Brand Entertainment

It is well known that the future of AR is limitless. AR technology adds a new sense of entertainment by engaging the customer with an immersive experience. Hence, when a customer uses the AR app, it initiates different virtual games and plays on the customer’s smartphone. This will also boost true Omni-channel shopping in the CPG industry. AR Apps with such integrated feature will make customers feel that they are in an actual retail store.

Bottom line

Augmented Reality (AR) bridges the gap between the digital world and the real world. It is seen that Customer engagement is often the result of positive customer experiences. AR is helping brands to capture and analyze data from every customer touchpoint. Thus, allowing businesses to understand which interactions are increasing engagement.

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