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Virtual Reality For Fire Safety Training

VR Fire Safety Training

Virtual Reality safety training provides firefighters with an effective training system for tactical firefighting techniques. Virtual reality fire extinguisher training offers a high level of practicality due to the motion-based sensor technology in blended with highly reliable virtual reality solutions. Talking about the sensor technology it replicates the user’s actions and movements such as the turning of their head and kneeling.

Philip Pitts, an AR/VR research specialist with the Naval Undersea Warfare Center says “Virtual reality training is well suited to training tasks that are dangerous, rarely performed or expensive to perform.”

In such an environment, the trainees put the tools in the hands that provide a safe training atmosphere to learn. VR fire training features such as nozzle tactics, ventilation techniques, and wayfinding can be understood at a lower cost. Thus recognition of dangerous situations can easily handle without much time delay.

Virtual Reality safety training is the perfect solution that enables trainees to gain critical knowledge of fire behavior. Practice firefighting and ventilation techniques are the two-zone where firefighters should be most experienced. VR fire safety training takes the level of experience with the benefits given below.

  • Interactive action-oriented learning for better and quicker learning.
  • Portable with short set up time and reduce training costs.
  • Deployable in the standard classroom at any fire station or training academy.
  • Easy scenario creation combined with extensive after-action review capabilities.
  • Safety training VR, for high-risk situations that cannot be trained live.

Stepwise procedure for VR-based fire safety training

Leveraging virtual reality for fire safety training is the best way to train firefighters and other professionals with the correct way of responding and controlling the situation. Read the below-given points to know how it is done:

The VR-powered solution shows you instructions right from scratch until the fire is completely doused. The person using the solution will see the instructions like:

  1. A fire has broken out; follow the instructions to put off the fire. To move around the place (of course, virtually), the person can use a hand controller. 
  2. The next thing on the screen would be “pull-down handle to turn on the fire alarm.”
  3. Now, following further on-screen guidelines and take out the fire extinguisher and spray it at the place where the fire has broken out.
  4. Repeat the steps until the fire is extinguished. 

Training the firefighters using this solution can not only provide them a real understanding of the situation, but it can also help you save big on the money.

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