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Virtual Reality in Games: Opportunities for Startups and Investors

Virtual reality games for startup

The landscape of the industry continues to change after the involvement of virtual reality technology. Virtual reality is creating its own space without relying that much on traditional environments. Likewise, the Virtual Reality in gaming has created a significant market size in short span of time.

The primary goal of VR was developed with a focus on games and entertainment. But VR gradually stepped into marketing, retail, education, fitness, and healthcare sectors too. Virtual Reality has stepped out with a wide coverage bringing advantages both to consumers and businesses.

Virtual Reality Gaming is beyond entertainment

Virtual Reality in Games

VR gaming is all about a new generation of computer games with the amalgamation of virtual reality (VR) technology. Players can truly experience the perspective of game action through a variety of VR gaming devices and accessories.

VR has a huge potential in the gaming sector and is showing fast growth rate. Mostly the idea of virtual reality in gaming is fascinating gives Immersive experience in a three-dimensional gaming environment. Hence, VR games allow users to not only observe the 360-video content of the game but to feel it.

The game environment including VR headsets, sensor-equipped gloves, hand controllers, and more that provides the feeling of presence in the virtual world. This gave a new edge to players when it comes to the level of interaction.

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Benefits for startups in VR gaming industry

Virtual Reality in Games
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For startups in gaming sectors, this is the new approach to attract customers. Along with VR headsets businesses and enterprises can club their approach to create a familiar experience.

This allows people to try out virtual reality games that result in conversions of potential lead to more sales. VR in gaming can enhance gaming experiences with immersion and sensations.

•    Creates an immersive level of interaction

•    Create gaming content

•    360-video content and graphics

•    3D gaming environment

•    Promotes market campaigns

VR game is helpful to promote new marketing campaigns. Virtual reality games can play an important tool for players who can control and modify the game environment. Video games in VR can offer new featured options in a three-dimensional gaming environment. VR gaming experiences are going to be achieved through all human senses while playing games.

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When it comes to funding in VR equity crowdfunding is a much more appropriate route for VR startups. Moreover, it is the right way to gain some initial investment for their startup. In such case, startups can expect to get all their funds upfront within a couple of days. Moreover, after their campaign is closed, startups can likely pick up many future customers from the crowdfunding.

Here are a few examples of Virtual Reality games in the market

Virtual Reality in Games
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Hardware used in VR gaming

VR games are for diverse audiences who can play games using VR hardware or gadgets. In the market, there are foremost VR headsets such as Oculus Rift, Lenovo Mirage Solo and HTC Vive for the experiencing virtual world of user immersion.

Here are some Accessories used in VR gaming

  • Mobile VR headsets
  • Standalone headsets
  • PC/Console VR headsets
  • VR Game Controllers
  • VR Gaming Gloves

It is clear that the market for virtual reality technology is potentially vast. Many VR applications are growing in a different sphere. Businesses are attracting money at a rapid rate by using VR.  According to research data from Statista the firm expects sales of virtual reality products to reach $5.2 billion in by the end of 2019. The market of Hardware and software in the space will rake worldwide to the highest estimated prediction.

VR technology provides the freedom of movement and recreation of human sense. This is an innovative technology of the VR headset, which brings advantages both for consumers and businesses.

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Final thoughts

There’s a whole new wave of VR in the different sphere such as storytellers, writers, and game designers. The VR ideas in gaming are really captivated by the users. Hence VR has been a vital player in the gaming sector. It is potentially revolutionary in the world where it is embraced openly.