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Virtually Try on Shoes Fitting App in Augmented Reality

try on shoe fitting app

Now it is the time for 3D product visualization and virtual try-on solutions for the retail and e-commerce sectors. These virtual try-on solutions are facilitated with enhanced and social shopping experiences both at home, in-store, and on the go. Augmented reality leadership makes its virtual experience more immersive.

Thus Virtual Try-on solutions are becoming the first choice for user engagement. Shoppers can obtain an accurate view of how eyewear, apparel, shoes, jewelry, and watches will look on them.

Try on Application provides a richer experience for online shoppers, a revolutionary solution for retailers and a memorable marketing connection between both. Hence, this visual technology is meant to be a mainstream in the industry that offers an array of benefits to businesses.

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About AR  Try-on Shoe App

Till date, online users were buying products from many e-commerce online Apps where to a certain level they were satisfied. But after the introduction of the AR technology online users can experience the new level of shopping experience.

Likewise, a new idea of virtually experiencing the shoe using the smartphones took users to another level. Talking about this technology it is built so customers can digitally image (scan) their feet.  The Aim of this AR try-on App is to make accurate decisions when users are deciding what shoe and size to buy before they get it online.

So App captures the 3D shape of your FOOT with only three pictures so you can virtually try on shoes.

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This virtual fit technology has few goals: 

#1 goal is to offer the user the most accurate virtual fit of feet in branded footwear.

#2 goal is to better serve the user through this revolutionary new AR Try-on App and website.

As we are aware that there is a basic problem while buying shoes online; user wants to try shoes on and understand if they fit well before taking the final decision.

“Online shoe retailer’s often-average 1 of 4 pairs of shoes returned (25%) primarily due to poor fit.”

Apart from AR try-on Applications, this technology is also allowing the shoe retailer websites to integrating it on their sites. This AR Try-on solution is a stop where virtually trying and shopping shoe can be done before buying from the e-commerce App.

When the users look for shoes using this AR App a green signal of an icon will appear which signifies that the user can virtually try them on.

This FREE AR Try-on App is now available to iPhone users through the iPhone App Store. When shopping online shoe, virtually try the shoes using this App.

This app doesn’t only let the user to actually move your foot to see the shoe from multiple angles, but also show the whole shoe over your foot.

Business Perspective

This AR shoes fitting App is transforming the buzz for sneakerheads. Big brands like Nike, New Balance, Converse, Nordstrom, Zappos and many more are investing in immersive tech for customers.

This offers features those are something more than the average shopping experience. An increasing number of brands and retailers are from Adidas to Zara that is moving toward an AR-enabled future.

Thus, companies are taking augmented reality to the next level, where digital entertainment and ads can be experienced within the real world for the user.

Such interest shows how the user can see how shoes will look on their foot before buying the shoe online. The ability to virtually try on a sneaker is something out to box for users.

Wrapping Up…

Augmented reality marketing is transforming that level of user engagement for the footwear industry.  This technology is a step forward in the world of advertisement.

Nike’s is also upcoming with SNKRS app that shows the interest of sneaker brands are eyeing AR. Nike’s aim is to use AR to help you buy limited-edition shoes. Hence making the shopping more smoothly. The next best thing About the virtual try-on App is that it makes customers more informed about shopping purchases by expanding the horizon of visualization. This directly improves the abilities to drive the user to retail stores.

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