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A Guide to Conversational AI And It’s Working Process

A Quick Guide to Conversational AI and its Working

Customer support is an integral part of every business; without offering support services, it is difficult to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. To ensure the same, businesses hire professionals who work round the clock to deliver support services. No matter how efficiently a business handles this segment, they might have to face problems such as “delay in responding customers’ queries” or “making a customer wait to connect with the support professionals”, and more.

A Conversational AI is a perfect solution to this most common challenge that manufacturing, FMCG, retail, e-commerce, and other industries are facing. Never heard of this term?

Well, this is the latest trend in almost all the industries that are already using artificial intelligence technology or wanting to adopt the same in their business operations. Let’s read about the same in detail.

What is Conversational AI?

Conversational AI is a specific kind of artificial intelligence that makes software interact and converse with users in a highly intuitive way. It uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand and interact in human language.

Conversational AI Chat-bot

The conversational AI, when integrated into chatbots, messengers, and voice assistants, enables businesses to deliver personalized customer experience and achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Google Home and Amazon Echo are the two popular examples of it.

Applications of Conversational AI

Conversational AI a new and automated way of offering customer support services. Healthcare, Adtech, logistics, insurance, travel, hospitality, finances, and other industries are using technology in the following:

Messaging applications

Conversational AI can be used in a messaging application to offer personalized support services through chat. Your customers can choose the “chat support” option and talk to the chatbot to get the support.

Speech-based virtual assistants

A conversational AI can use speech recognition technology so that you can offer a speech-based virtual assistant for your customers. These are the type of chatbots where users can get any information through voice commands.

Virtual customer assistants

This type of conversational AI helps in offering online support to customers; you can develop the same to offer support through Web, SMS, messaging applications, and more.

Virtual personal assistants

A virtual personal assistant, powered by conversational AI, minimizes the need of hiring a huge team to offer dedicated support services to each of your customers.

Virtual employee assistants

Employees working in big organizations might need various types of assistants. A conversational AI used to build a virtual employee assistant can be the point of contact for all such employees. They can find the required information just by interacting with that assistant.

Robotic process automation

Robotic process automation using the potential of conversational AI helps a machine to understand human conversations and their intent to perform automated tasks.

Working of conversational AI

Machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing are the three main technologies behind conversational AI. Here is how it works:

  1. Collection of unstructured data from various sources
  2. Data preprocessing and feature engineering
  3. Creating an AI model
  4. Training the model to automatically improve from experiences
  5. Testing the model
  6. Detecting patterns and making decisions
  7. AI deployment

What benefits businesses can get by using conversational AI?

Apart from helping businesses to deliver an unmatched customer experience, conversational AI can offer a plethora of other benefits that include:

Saves Time

Having an automated chatbot would help you save a considerable amount of time. The saved time can be used to perform other tasks or focus on your business’ marketing and promotion.

Helps in providing Real-Time Support Services

A conversational AI can handle multiple queries at one time, without even letting other customers wait. In short, every customer will feel like they are getting dedicated support services in real-time.

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Improves business efficiency

With a conversational AI, you can have the assurance that your customers are being taken care of properly. In short, their queries are being handled and resolved immediately. You can focus on other segments of your business and improve efficiency.

Helps in lowering down Customers’ Complaints

Since a conversational AI can immediately respond to queries of the customers, it can help to reduce the number of complaints. Resolving customers’ complaints without making them call a support professional would increase customer loyalty and increase your brand reputation.

Increases chances of sales

By providing a persistent communication channel that precedes the context further, you can make your customers explore more and shop more. Moreover, a conversational AI can also help in reducing the cart abandonment rate as it can provide immediate assistance regarding the issues a user is facing while making the payment, applying a discount code, or at any other time.

AI Chatbot

The user would not even have to contact the support center. To understand this better, let’s take an example- a user has added one or more products to the cart, but he/she is unable to find his/her preferred mode of payment. After a few minutes, what would the customer do, either visit the contact us section to get the customer support number and connect to a professional (which is a time taking process) or simply get the support through a conversational AI. The latter would automatically send a message to the customer to ask the query and provide a resolution.

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Final Words

Are you curious to know about conversational artificial intelligence? Give this article a read to know the definition and workings of conversational AI in detail. We have also mentioned the reasons why this technology is becoming the talk of the town among businesses of all sizes and types. After reading the article, if you want to develop a tailor-made conversational AI for your business, then reach out to a reliable and experienced AI development company or hire AI developers with considerable experience.