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What is the Cost to Develop an AR Food Menu App like KabaQ?

Augmented Reality Food Menu Application

AR with its immersive capabilities has begun to make advancement in every sphere. Likewise, augmented reality has started creating its own space within the food industry. AR is the best way to club real and virtual domain which likely continue to push the level of competition within the industry. Therefore, businesses in food and restaurants are beginning to realize the potential of AR.

Right from Augmented Reality the food menu to AR food photography AR with rich layers of interactivity is helping users to experience this new era of AR. Many businesses are trying to upgrade their business model with the integration of the AR solutions. Hence, the investment on AR is considered as the worthwhile looking at the present scenario of the market. Though development costs are still high, still augmented reality content can be found in every sector setting up an example in the industry.

The food industry is very much dependent on the customer experiences hence to connect the customer this is the unique way to grab their attention. Forecasting the future, the most concentration of App development so far is seen in the field of Augmented Reality.

Features of Augmented Reality Food App like KabaQ

This AR app was developed by Ericsson and is available for both iOS & Android users. KabaQ AR app after scanning food on the plate creates virtual food displays consisting of multiple 3D digital rendering photographs. Therefore, this is a unique method of Photogrammetry used exclusively by the businesses engaged in restaurants and online food services.

Health Transparency( AR Food Recognition)

The user is always concerned about their health and keen to know about what they are food ordering while having food outside their home. KabaQ is high rated AR-enabled virtual menu mobile apps that allow guests to view useful nutritional info. This app helps the user to view images of any particular dish and its added ingredients. The user feels confident about the dish they order after knowing dish ingredients and nutritional information.

Augmented Reality food menu

AR is all about the implementation of the creativity that correlates the real objects in a virtual manner. With the help of AR user can visualize the useful information about a particular cuisine served at restaurants through the AR food menu. Hence, by scanning the plate, customers can learn about the health benefits of the dishes or cuisines. Apart from that users can know more about the cooking process of specific cuisines.

AR cuisines with 3d model

AR food menu

In a restaurant, there are many cuisines from different places and continents that are the order or served. Therefore, through this AR food App, some interesting information that might be hard to find elsewhere can be virtually seen.
This app allows users to know how a specific cuisine is cooked so that it can be prepared by yourself. This is the best way to engage the users and create interest in the traditional recipes in a new and entertaining manner. Hence, users can scan the picture or the name of the recipe from the menu to see before ordering it.

Get an address with AR

Scanning image through a mobile app can show restaurant locations using a GPS tracker. Thus, the user can also use this AR food application to find the restaurants famous for specific cuisines. Users can order whatever they are interested to eat with a scan from a location-based augmented reality food mobile apps that can go through various locations over real-time images. Hence, users can find one of your restaurants nearby.

AR Promotions

The food industry is defined with the advertising and promotions. The traditional way of promotions is very limited, therefore AR introduce the new way to boost the effectiveness of your cuisines promotion with its detailed information. Through ordinary advertising, the user was only getting to know the limited information and many suffer from banner blindness. With storytelling feature, this AR food app is a way of advertising based on advanced technologies.

How Augmented Reality food apps work

KabaQ is an AR app that virtually makes users understand how a virtual food catalog item looks like. The rendered 3D images of dishes are appealing that helps to increase the user’s engagement. After downloading KabaQ app user can scan the restaurant menu card and order food.

As there are many users who hesitate to try the new dishes at least with knowing much about it. Users can visualize the 3D models of new cuisines and feel confident to try new dishes.
Therefore, KabaQ offers a platform for restaurants and the food industry to integrate their own food content to the AR application.

This reflects the updated version of the food business to attract users. 3D images of different cuisines are selected and combined with the AR App. Through, this Augmented Reality App customers can view these 3D images virtually from any angle and can zoom in for a closer look.

Apart from that users can go through the preparation videos of the dishes.
Customers may see a live demo of the dishes’ preparation process which offers a clear preview of a menu item’s quantity and ingredients. Hence, this creates customer’s curiosity and encourages them to see and learn more about the cuisines. This is the newest way of entertaining users those who are waiting for their order in a restaurant or any food place.

App design cost

The app cost is dependent on many features and complexity, especially for the Augmented reality App. App’s functionality and its design should be highly realistic as the users are particular about these things. Therefore, mobile app cost like KabaQ having a virtual food menu can vary according to 3D rendered images and videos.

The use of AR in the food industry will ensure a significant position for your restaurant among other brands. Looking at the long-term perspective, it will establish a strong customer loyalty that will ensure the fulfillment of your restaurant by driving more sales.

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