Artificial Intelligence

What We Can Predict in AI for 2020

AI Prediction 2020

Boosting Healthcare

2020 will see a great rise of AI in Healthcare helping transform the preventive care at the same reducing cost. The ability of AI to capture data from sources and legacy application like HER, Emergency admission departments will allow healthcare process with greater efficiency and increase care capabilities. AI capable system will enable better tracking, prediction and supporting the allocation of patient intellect.

Efficiency of Neural Networks

In 2020 we will see Neural Network Architecture continue to grow in size and depth to produce more accurate results with lesser data consumption. This will allow better alignment towards mimicking human performance. The emergence of more powerful and efficient Neural Network shall allow them to run on small devices.

Manufacturing will leverage AI

Fully Autonomous production pipeline powered by AI and machine learning algorithms will set to emerge as the next big leap in manufacturing. The AI powered digital shop floor will not only allow a more accurate and efficient manufacturing process but also help in predictive maintenance, defect detection, predictive analysis etc. AI combined with IoT is predicted to be the future in manufacturing.

Process Automation (Robotic Process Automation)

AI is expected to change the way businesses operate and processes are run. Robotic Process Automation alone is not sufficient to change the game unless we integrate AI enables RPA tools. Enabling Cognitive Automation will require businesses (both large enterprises and SME’s) to introduce new tools and techniques but the benefits will be tremendous.



Personalisation has gained tremendous momentum with companies like Google, Amazon Nextflix etc. has put in a lot of emphasis. Today real time personalisation is what companies, brands and marketer are aiming at. Since, customer data has increased to understand each customer behavior, personalisation will play a dominant role.

Hybrid Work Environment (Handshake between AI and Human)

As we embrace AI in our day to day business operations, employees will be used to work tools and technologies like BOTs, RPA’s. This means that employees will need to learn new skills and techniques to cater to the growing demand

AI will dominate the Cyber security Sapce

Intrusion in our digital space has become a common practice these days with phishing, social engineering attacks are far more superior and involved advanced technologies and methodologies.  AI powered smart systems will play a significant role in protecting our digital identity. AI will be very useful to identify giveaway signs, transactions follow patterns that are likely to be indicators of criminal activity, and raise alarms before deference can be breached and sensitive data compromised.