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Which Service industries are driving the on-demand economy-2020

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The current market is shifting with the introduction of the new on-demand economy. Businesses in different segments are coming with new ideas applicable to the on-demand model. The present picture of the market projects that the on-demand economy is not limited to, Uber, PayPal, and eating ventures. Due to the on-demand economy, there is a quick growth rate, where every size of the business is trying to lead the market. It is reported that around 7.6M Americans will act as suppliers in the On-demand economy by 2020.

A large number of leading companies have turned the business into a new direction using on-demand economy improvements. On-demand economic reforms include UBER, JustEat, PayPal, and eBay that have revolutionized the business models. The on-demand economy is brewing with specialized features to fulfill the consumer’s needs.

The boom of on-demand services

on demand app
on demand app

There is a huge inclination of a business mindset related to the on-demand services. In the last few years, huge funding and investments have been made by business giants. UBER remains the trendsetter in the market with the initial investment of $8.6 billion in the year 2016.

Taking the inspiration the many venture capitalist is looking forward to investing in on-demand services. On the basis of customer behavior and pattern, many on-demand services are being offered to assist buyers and sellers.

The on-demand services facilitate the customers to request quotations, communicate with contractors, and ensure safe payments. This is the reason why on-demand apps are driving the economy while providing jobs to 22% or 45.3 million Americans.

Industries in on-demand services

According to US transaction the value of the on-demand economy developed from $22 billion of 2018 to $34 billion of 2019. With advanced on-demand services, businesses can offer customer experience based services for better user engagements.

Food Delivery Business

The on doorstep food delivery has rapidly turned out to be a mainstream trend in the market. According to a report in the USA, the online food delivery business revenue reached $22,073 million in 2019 and is predicted to reach up to $28,398 million in 2023 in revenue. The on-demand economy has completely transformed the traditional models, serving the prepared food online without any time barrier.

At present, there are many huge food service ventures that are coming into the picture to added comfort to customers’ everyday lives. On-demand, food services are helping the restaurants to increasingly grow in a particular geographical location without investing in infrastructure.


Thanks to an on-demand taxi app like Uber that has totally shifted the travel industry to on-demand models. In many countries, taxi organizations have launched their own applications making their customers experience better. Booking cab facilities is empowering people to travel together and save fuel. The concept of carpooling has privileged transportation organizations in many ways.

Looking at the market trend many business visionaries are interested in investing in the on-demand transportation business. Not only have this on-demand taxi services made it possible for people to lease their own car on an hourly premise. This way the on-demand services are dominating the market while forecasting a prime position in the various segments.

Healthcare Industry

The introduction of on-demand services in the healthcare sector is offering endless opportunities to the healthcare services providers as well as the patients. Whether it is on-demand medicine app or on-demand doctor app, the healthcare service is helping the patients to remain the privileged 24×7. On-demand services have transformed the face of the healthcare industry where the level of communication is transparent. Patients on their fingertips can order medicines or book appointments with your doctor sitting at their homes.

Professional services

By 2020 around 7.6M Americans will act as suppliers in the on-demand economy. After the introduction of the on-demand services, the field and professional services sectors undertook a massive transformation. The arrival of the on-demand economy is helping many businesses in different segments to explore more opportunities.

Professional services like machine repair, carpentry, pest control, electrician, babysitting, plumbing, household work, and more are trying to enter into the on-demand economy. From the business point of view, the field and professional services have maximum potential. Moreover, it also offers employment opportunities to all professionals.

Bottom line

The industry is different sectors are transforming their services with the on-demand economy. On-demand services are going to be the future of every industry. In the future with advanced technology, there would be fierce competition among the business in on-demand services.

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