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Why To Adopt Field Service Management Mobile App?

Field service management mobile app can help to manage your field workforce with ease, increase service revenue and lower your costs. The mobile field service app ensures the highest level of efficiency and productivity from your field technicians, subcontractors, job installers, and project management consultants, all while delighting your customers

Many organizations into field service management are truly optimizing the working methods. These are done by streamline and automate customer service with the help of Mobile App. Field Service Management mobile app provides the most complete contact center software available today.

By deploying Field Service Management in your customer service operation maximize service performance such as: call handling, priority-based routing, issue triage and resolution, parts management, technical support escalation, dispatch scheduling, order entry and billing.

Benefits and Uses of Field service management mobile app

Organizations that use FSM mobile App have seen an increase in tasks completed, which represents strong improvement in job efficiency. Service companies can leverage FSM app to add value and cut costs in several other key areas.

Visibility and workforce management:

These solutions with mobile tracking capabilities keep managers and customer service updated by vehicle locations and job statuses. This enables better accountability and helps team manage unexpected delays or problems.
With the help of GPS devices vehicle can be located, which helps in the work flow of the process and schedule workforce management.

Better manage contractors:

Due to high customer demands and increased competition many companies choose to farm out their field service to independent contractors.
FSM App lets you maintain real-time control of order scheduling, time tracking, and field assets so you can ensure customers receive the service they expect inside the promised window of time. It is witnessed that working through FSM App creates an additional degree of benefit between your brand and your customers.

Faster first-time job success:

In order to do their best work, your workers need on-the-job access to trade tools, back-end systems, and knowledge resources. Through a mobile FSM app, they can access diagnostic tools, manuals, and schematics that help them do the job right the first time.

Better accounting and data entry:

An FSM solution lets your field agents record job data, log hours, and complete proofs of service while they’re still in the field. Real-time, digital collection means improved accuracy and security for future audits. The stored data used during the process can be implemented in the future for taking the decision.
It is noticed that paper-based reporting methods create more opportunities for error through redundant data entry, or even dishonesty. But such solution helps in maintaining data for best results.

Reasons to adopt mobile apps

Stay Connected: If a digital process is set in an organization a worker can always stay connected to his work, without wasting the extra hours of going to the office and making a paper-based report.

From past experience field it is seen that officers or workers generally require a lot of paperwork done, after or before a visit, which in turn takes time, money and resources. App like this resolves such issue creating a format of doing work.

Tune into growing technologies: Looking at it from the point of view of the changing nature of technology, it is important for one to note that any field, including that of the field service one, must be alert to the new technologies that come their way.

Mobile is a Must: The requirement of the smartphone is must focusing the future. These field services will have a lot of influence from the growth of technology and the basis of this mobilization will be smartphones all in all.

 Customer Management: Customer management is a very important half of any job done, including the field services, and customer engagement is a cake walk for those that walk the way of technology/ mobility.

Business Benefits

  • Increased resource accountability (GPS tracking)
  • Faster service-to-invoice cycle times
  • Improved compliance and standardization
  • Accurate time tracking and expense reporting
  • Device-agnostic, configurable and upgradeable
  • Blazing fast performance, secure and scalable

User Benefits

  • Better customer knowledge and communication
  • Embedded maps and turn-by-turn navigation
  • Easy-to-use and learn (no training)
  • Take Videos and Edit Pictures
  • Increase productivity (more jobs, less admin)

This all-in-one software based solution can automatically manage complex multi-day, multi-step, multi-resource projects using our powerful Schedule Board and Service Workflow engine.

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