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Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Quytech offers end to end enterprise mobility solutions to overcome business challenges.


The ability for any Enterprise is to connect and control suppliers, partners,vendors, employees, assets, products,field force and customers. A Mobile Enterprise tracks and connects the field force, company and customer. By allowing with the mobililty solution, instant communication and information to a workforce can be accessed. Enterprise mobility improves productivity through providing the information at the right moment and time as needed. With the continual increase of companies utilizing mobility solution to improve customer responsiveness and worker productivity, it is essential to evolve your business into the next generation of technology usage.

Some of the industry solutions which Quytech provides on mobile and tablets to the companies are

On site product service and support becomes a challenge for companies. Most of the problems that arise is due to:-

  • Lack of product information like service history, warranty details, problem reported etc.
  • Lack of consumer information like usage, availability, locating addresses, contact no's etc.

You may be a restaurant owner, executor of a night club, owning a bar or a part of any hospitality industry, there is always the need of the latest in innovation and technology to make the business more efficient. In fact, this is the bottom line of every endeavor-efficiency, productivity and profit. We at Quytech, make sure to bring to you the latest in the field so that you do not lag behind in the race. And, here we are with the mobile point of sale (POS) solution.

More and more businesses are adopting mobile POS solutions for better feasibility.

  • You will be in the position to understand in the best possible manner, what is sold better and hence, refine the offers in accordance.
  • With the aid of the POS, you will be able to manage and control business expenses, inventory and employee productivity.
  • You as the business owner will in a hassle free manner be able to keep a track of results and performance to serve their aspects.
  • It will be easier and more accessible for you to engage the customers and prospects with loyalty rewards as well as promotional offers.

Conference and event management have undergone tremendous changes with the advent of multi-event mobile apps. Through seamless interactions such mobile apps are facilitating enhanced networking at conferences and events. Enterprises and organisations are recognizing the importance of mobile event apps in all stages of organising events, right from planning to execution. Leading event management agencies and planners are capitalizing on the opportunities presented by various mobile event apps. Lets check some general features which you can intergerate in an mobile app to organise the conferences and events effortlessly.

Conference and event management have undergone tremendous changes with the advent of multi-event mobile apps. Through seamless interactions such mobile apps are facilitating enhanced networking at conferences and events. Enterprises and organisations are recognizing the importance of mobile event apps in all stages of organising events, right from planning to execution. Leading event management agencies and planners are capitalizing on the opportunities presented by various mobile event apps. Lets check some general features which you can intergerate in an mobile app to organise the conferences and events effortlessly.

Tracking and managing remote field workers have been a big problem for companies. It's tough to measure the productivity levels of remote workers in industries like Security, Infrastrusture and Exploration. Quytech has helped several of ther clients in monitoring the productivity of remote workers. Here's how the solution works:-

Each remote worker is given a smart phone with an app installed. The app can also be installed on the employee's phone. Whenever the employee reaches the designated site, the system registers the attendance of the employee. The app also tracks if the employee has left the site for some time during the day. Custom made alerts to track critical sites where presence of employees is a must. Get alerted in case the employee leaves the site for more than 15 mins. This is typical in areas requiring security like ATMs, banks etc.

Security companies face a bhuge challenge in tracking attendance of their employees like security guards, security vans, supervisors and other field workers. Making sure that the employees reach the customer site on time is important for customer satisfaction. Quytech has helped security companies track attendance of remote workers. some features of the solution are:-

  • Attendance taking using photo/selfie. This makes sure that the employee was actually present when the attendance is taken
  • Alerts for situations like out of customer site for a long duration, etc
  • SOS button in case of emergencies
  • Employee connect - Send requests to employers or supervisor about day to day needs
  • Monitoring of other work items like timely opening and closing fo gates, cleaniness etc

Consumers are now turning to Food ordering apps like Food Panda, Hungry House, Grubhub, Swiggy etc to order food from their favourite restaurants. Although this is initially good for generating traffic, but it also exposes a restaurant to competition. To ensure that their loyal customer base should stick to their services, restaurants should come up with their own mobile app for ordering food. Some of the benefits of own mobile food ordering app are:-

  • No margin to be paid to aggregator apps like Food Panda, Hungry House.
  • Increases customer loyalty.
  • With their own apps, restaurants can allow table reservations as well.
  • The customer is now owned by retaurants. It becomes easy to identify loyal customers.
  • Restaurants can send offers to their customer base directly as Push Notifications.

Some of the industry solutions which Quytech provides on mobile and tablets to the companies are

Executing a business was never easy. However, you were never born for small things. Hence, it is not a surprise that you chose this road.

And then, business is not just about making novel products, hiring the best team or making new plans. The foundation stone of a developing business is the latest in innovation and technology amalgamated with new school of thoughts. This is exactly where, our company Quytech comes to aid you with the latest in the field. Whether you need a new tool, a novel app or a unique online platform, with us the road to success is always under construction.

So, here we are with the App based catalogue player. Indeed, you think about innovation, and we have something to leave you in awe.

Disaster, unexpected situations and unpleasant surprises are a part and parcel of life. But, the imperative fact associated with them, is that such grave occurrence continues to occur most unexpectedly. And the fact is that you cannot get away from these. To put it simple, you cannot not drive a car with the fear of getting into an accident, or not board a plane that it might crash or cease to live your life. Crisis can happen to you at any time, and this is not our way to scare you, but to show to you the reality which lies.

So, supposedly you have a company, with employees working for you. What do you pursue to manage crisis in any situation? Well, you must be having, sheets of paper with emergency numbers, contacts and details made mandatory to be carried by the employees. But, really, in this scenario of the latest in technology and innovation, there are better and productive platforms and methodology to take care of the crisis.

If, you intend to avail solution for the same with the aid of the improvised technology, we at Quytech have just the right app for you.

It is a surprise if you haven't heard about the latest health apps. Apple Fit and Google Health ace the list of top notch health apps being utilized by the users.

However, if you too are on the route to fabricate a similar type of app, you need to be aware of the HIPAA compliance. There are strict norms which regulate the need of HIPAA compliance Mobile Apps. And, we at Quytech excel at it.

But, before we introduce you to the attributes of the same, it becomes necessary that avail some know how about the HIPAA compliance.

Are you perplexed dealing with warranty related issues of your business? Do you intend to employ feasibility in handling the process? Is managing the warranty becoming a nightmare for you? Well, it is for aiding you to work seamlessly with innovative tools and latest in technology, we at Quytech, provide with the Warranty Management Solution.

With the apt, customized and user friendly Warranty Management Solution, you will be in the position to monitor policies, flat rates, rules management, registration, claim processing and a plethora of aspects associated with the warranty process.

Need and provision are interconnected. This is the major acumen which governs the growth of a business. The more you, the retailer is aware of the need of the customer, the better you will be able to serve him or her. On similar backgrounds you will be in the position to develop a taste of a customer for your product if you are aware of the need or inclination that they have. So, it is a Win win situation for you.

While a lot is taken care of with the aid of the marketing solution, there is one imperative aspect which can push you further in this direction. This is associated with the latest in technology. Novel paradigms are being established with the aid of this particular concept. This is associated with availing personalized mobile development in order to enhance interactive communications with clients.

It is none other than the Mobile App for Retailers which is a part of Enterprise Mobility Solutions. It begets superior connectivity to suppliers, vendors, assets, customers and the like.

There is witnessed an enhancement in the number of smart phone users. Period! This is so true that you see it taking place right in front of you. Whether you aspire to chat with a friend, arrange a meeting, order food, shop online, avails travel tips or the like there is the smart phone with internet able to pursue this with ease. And, there are the Apps. The apps are like application which makes each of the above errands more hassle free, customized and beneficial for you as the end user.

If you are in some sort of business as an entrepreneur, a business magnate or a management trainee you would vouch for the impact of the same. With the aid of the Apps you will be benefited immensely to gain new horizons.

As a business man or an entrepreneur, it is expected that you pursue good connectivity with the customer. Just as it is imperative to allure a client to a particular product, so it's significant to make him or her loyal to your company or brand name. This is the way in which your business will be able to foster. Since, the smart phones are in the mainstream with almost all of your clients, you will be in the position to make your customers permanent with the aid of apps.

Amidst a plethora of apps customized in accordance with the need of the companies, we at Quytech fabricate Customer Loyalty Apps.

A business is something you always wanted to pursue. And today with your hard work and perseverance you have reached that position you always aspired for. However, it is not just reaching the top, there is equal need to remain in the position or take the further leaps. After all, this is what your competitors are doing. So, how do you plan to go about it? If you are clear in your mind that you have to achieve more milestones, technology can be your greatest and best partner.

Indeed, have a look at your smart phone, which is the last work pursued by you. Whatsoever be your field of work, there is an immense possibility that the last time you tapped a finger on your smart phone; the errand was pursed with the aid of an App.

Those days when you are too tired to cook at home! That instance, when you come to know of some surprise guests at your place! The day when you simply want to relax at home and eat food without cooking! It is then the food ordering app comes handy. So, for the foodie in you it is a delight to avail the delicious cuisine from the restaurant of your choice at your door step.

However, if you are restaurant owner reading this, you exactly know what we are trying to instigate.

So, ever since the app technology has docked in, it has managed to take the global users by a storm. Initially, just like every other new technology, users, were skeptical about this. However, today every business aspires to have an App of its own.

Having a website was the primitive goal once, and now, its place has been taken by the Apps. The acumen why more and more business magnates and entrepreneurs are aspiring to have an App for their business can be summarized with the following pointers:-

  • Feasibility is the ace attribute associated, which is also the major requirement of the users.
  • Accessibility is again an imperative requisite which allures the users to the same.
  • Ease of use and plethora of features gives the required push to the usability.


Enterprise Mobility enables a workforce to have instant access to information through mobile applications anywhere, anytime. People are fundamentally changing the way they work, and in order to remain competitive, organizations are making enterprise applications accessible through mobile devices.Companies are integrating their existing Enterprise Solutions or Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) with mobile to extend their reach to customers. Different industry verticals where the Enterprise Mobility Solutions or Mobile CRM can be implied are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Consumer Durables
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Construction
  • Banking & Financials
  • Field and Sales force
  • Business

Quytech understands the business need for Enterprise and provide Mobility Solution to different industries on Enterprise. If you are looking for any Enterprise or CRM Solution on Mobility, contact our expert team of Enterprise Mobility at Quytech.


If you are a business owner, you already have a lot on your plate. You have to manage everything with impeccable accuracy. You cannot go inapt with a single step of doing business. But, is this that easy! Well, it is with enterprise solution. Enterprise solution has made sure to alter the way people are doing business in a productive manner. It has added that special touch of feasibility. Undoubtedly, many businesses, start ups and brands are employing it for greater ease. There are many benefits associated with this powerful communication tool.

With it there is enhanced productivity of the employees. Making sure that the errands are taken care at right time and places becomes convenient. It makes sure of better productivity and more engagement. Since, the work involves the transfer of digital information; hence, you will be able to avail the best of data accuracy and device sharing with it. And, again with this better procedural efficiently can be availed. Rather than keeping people for taking care of all of these, it is just this app and you are sorted making it cost effective.

Industry Segments

  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer Good
  • Automotive
  • Batteries

  • Heavy Machinery
  • Printing Solutions
  • Facility management services
  • Government

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