Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

artificial intelligence in healthcare

AI Healthcare Solutions Development

Artificial Intelligence or AI has undoubtedly modernized the healthcare industry. The technology has the capability of performing even complicated tasks in a fraction of seconds and with great precision. With AI-powered medical software and machines, doctors and medical professionals can diagnose diseases quickly and accurately.

Artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry can also prevent data breaches. Apart from this, there are AI-powered robots that help in surgeries and other medical procedures. If you too want any software with all the power and capability of artificial intelligence, then you are in the right place. Read More

As the prominent AI development company, Our team of AI developers possess highly advanced skills and have complete knowledge of computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning, etc., which is required for integrating artificial intelligence in your healthcare application.

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Our Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Industry Expertise

patient data analytics
Patient Data Analytics

From hypothesizing to the actual integration of the data models, we provide businesses complete data modelling solutions. Using highly advanced tools, we extra your business requirements and then offer you a solution that helps you achieve the success and growth of your business.

personalized medication care
Personalized Medications & Care

With easy data storage and management, quick predictive analytics, increased accuracy of the tests, disease control, and the creation of new treatment techniques, artificial intelligence aids health care professionals to determine as well as deliver more personalized treatments for the patients.

drug discovery
Drug Discovery

By assisting healthcare professionals in analyzing good molecules from the data libraries, improving prediction of drug resistance and response, crafting highly successful medical or clinical trials, and identifying drug targets, AI is playing a remarkable role in this process.

real time prioritization
Real Time Prioritization & Triage

AI, with the capability of machine learning, can help in prioritization of the treatment among patients. The technology can easily look into the test results and X-rays with severe findings to prioritize patients for the treatment according to their health condition.

early diagnosis
Early Diagnosis

AI with machine learning has the potential of early diagnosis of various diseases and health problems in patients. This rapid detection of the problem can help healthcare professionals to put the patient in a separate facility to reduce the risk of spreading contagious diseases.

Pregnancy Management

Artificial intelligence combined with the power of data science, offered by data scientists, can help in taking precise brain measurements of the fetus. Moreover, it can also help in determining the overall health of the fetus, and hence aids in pregnancy management.

automated diagnosis
Assisted or Automated Diagnosis & Prescription

With the help of AI chatbots and AI-powered medical software, doctors and medical professionals can automate diagnoses as well as prescriptions. This will not only save time and cost, but also optimize the operational performance of the doctors.

medical imaging insights
Medical Imaging Insights

Medical imaging applications powered with deep learning and artificial intelligence can provide doctors or health care professionals a 3D view of the patient's body during a surgery or allied procedure. This will help them provide the right treatment to the patient.

artificial intelligence in healthcare

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

AI capabilities such as including machine learning, computer vision, optimization & forecasting, etc. in the healthcare industry delivers innumerable benefits. It empowers physicians to do accurate diagnostics, which resolves some of the big health care challenges. Integrating artificial intelligence in healthcare can automate various tasks and drive productivity. You can hire AI developers for healthcare app development to automate various tasks and drive productivity. Other advantages that AI renders to the health industry are as follows:

  • AI can ensure precision in diagnostics
  • Uplifts clinical performance
  • Reduction of paperwork
  • AI optimizes operational performance and reduces cost
  • Easy clinical data analysis and management
  • Better medical decision making
  • Assists in patient monitoring
  • Smart and smooth administrative workflow
  • AI powered Chatbots can assist patients looking for medical care
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Our Work

  • We Care

    We Care

    This is Health Management App from WeCare. Diabetic Patients can register and use the app for monitoring their health. WeCare's existing patient have an additional facility to request for refills, track their packages and request appointments.

    The app has the following features:-

    • Medication Reminders
    • Testing Reminders
    • Graphical presentation for health progress
    • Notifications
    • Basic knowledge
    • FAQ
  • sleepapp

    Sleep Tracking App

    Sound Asleep tracks a user's sleep patterns and detects snoring. It also has a smart alarm which can be set to wake up the user gently. This App can track human sleep phases like Light Sleep, Deep Sleep, REM, Snoring.

  • patient

    Patient App

    Patient Public App is a mobile application on both iPhone and Android platform. This Application can work for event & feedback management system for health care services provider. In the patient mobile app, the end user can submit/share a feedback and Incident and check status of previous feedbacks provided.

  • conpetence

    On Demand Consultation App

    Users can take appointments from experts and get opinions after booking a specific appointment slot. At remote locations user can book an appointment as per the time demanded using easy payment methods.

    • Easily payment methods
    • Review and rating
    • Video call facility for easy consulting the experts
    • Appointment slot facility
    • Worldwide connectivity with the experts
    • Almost all category of Experts
    • Ease to find expert of your known language, and preferred location
    • Ease to find expert as multiple filters available
  • ai cancer prediction

    AI Cancer Prediction

    We are currently working for our prestigious client on AI cancer prediction project. Our team is expertise in developing and designing solution that can offer a 96–98% success rate for diagnosing cancer. Using ML code and neural networks from the data we can help to predict the more stable and effective outcomes for the cancer patients.

  • virtual plastic surgery app

    Virtual Plastic Surgery App

    We designed and developed AR App for plastic surgery for one of our prestigious clients. Through this app user is able to see what they want after surgery. The use of this solution will superimpose the 3D digital simulation image of the desired appearance over the Breast augmentation before surgery.

  • behavioral training in virtual reality

    Change Management and Behavioral Training in Virtual Reality

    Quytech has created virtual reality training that offers an immersive environment that enables learners to improve skills and change behaviours through realistic practice.

  • meditation application

    Mindful Happiness - Meditation App

    Mindful Happiness is a Meditation Application which will let the end user to listen the audio associated with every desired moods like Happiness, Relax, Focus, Walk, Anger, Sleep, Anxiety, Stress etc.

    Mindful Happiness app teaches you how to breathe, meditate and live mindfully. It’s even been proven to improve focus. There are exercises on everything from managing anxiety and stress relief to breathing, happiness, calm and focus.

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