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virtual reality apps for training

Virtual Reality Apps for Training

Virtual reality training through the integration of VR devices is offering effective and low-cost training solutions. Virtual reality training is helping businesses with many solutions for the development and implementation of amazing ideas. The utilization of virtual reality for training purposes is getting prominent in every sphere. Offers employees an unforgettable journey with VR apps leveraging a learning platform built upon technology. 3D effects and immersive experience helps in making training more robust and memorable. Businesses in various segments are employing Virtual reality training to explore new opportunities to educate the new generation of the trainee.

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Industries which can get Benefit from VR Training

  • vr in fire safetyVR in Fire Safety
  • vr in healthcareVR in Healthcare
  • vr in aviation industrysVR in Aviation Industry
  • vr for salesVR for Sales
  • vr for behaviourVR for Behaviour
  • vr in mining industryVR in Mining industry

VR Training in Fire Safety

Virtual reality (VR)-based fire training simulator helpful in minimizing the probable harm from the fire and smoke danger. VR training in fire safety offers a full explanation of the various aspects of smoke hazards in the course of fire. It is helpful in creating a realistic and accurate smoke environment for the purposes of effective virtual training. It allows the trainees to experience a realistic and yet non-threatening fire scenario.

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VR Training in Healthcare

Medical training Virtual reality (VR) offers a safe space for real-world learning. It offers amazing capabilities to the trainee where simulations of life-and-death situations can be experienced. VR is estimated to play an important role in the medical field. VR technology allows trainees to understand and associate human body structure with a real-life situation. The VR training solution inspires health-care leaders and start-ups to rethink how they are contributing to the health care ecosystem.

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VR Training in Aviation Industry

VR technology is helping in bringing the aircraft cabin into VR looks set. VR in aviation will make its way into private aircraft charters in the near future. VR training in aviation is transforming commercial and private aviation training sessions completely immersed in a virtual space. A trainee is able to view, interact with and gain more information on the various systems, doors, and appliances of aircraft. This is the best way to teach and understand trainee planning to become pilots, engineers or mechanics.

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VR Training for Sales

For a business virtual reality training for sales can benefit to scale up the efficiency. Providing your sales team virtual training can encourage them to face real challenges. With VR training you don’t have to struggle to find time to train the sales team. VR offers unique training experience to the trainee to practice selling techniques in a diversity of realistic setups. Virtual training can prove to be sufficiently successful in delivering timely and affordable sales training.

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VR Training for Behaviour

VR can provide a realistic experience to develop skills or behaviour. Virtual Reality helps in creating a strong sense of presence and immersion while practicing soft skills. VR training for behaviour is an innovative way to provide realistic, multi-sensory and stimulating experiences. Practicing behaviour session with VR can be easily applied in the workplace to practice real-world situations. VR experience helps significantly to validate the performance by practicing virtually.

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VR Training in Mining industry

Based on the findings regarding the contextual requirements and constraints for VR training systems, as well as analysis of previous accident statistics, various areas were selected for the development of VR prototype. The various VR prototype systems were installed and used at mines and smelting plants. They were all well-received and provided an interesting and engaging alternative to conventional training programs.

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Benefits of Virtual Reality Training to Business

Virtual reality in employee training can increase engagement and knowledge retention levels of the employees. The best of the VR is that it can save businesses a lot of time and money as this immersive technology is its cost-effectiveness. Employees while practicing how to deal with real-world scenarios can get virtually trained in a safer and efficient way. Here are some benefits of virtual reality training in various sectors.


More Engaging and Memorable

The use of Virtual Reality is making e-learning courses more innovative and enjoyable than ever before. It is engaging online learners within the e-learning environment.


Appealing and Easy Learning

VR experiences access all the senses and the ability to simultaneously teach across immersive learning styles. VR technology introduces new heights into traditional teaching methods.


Eliminates Risk Concerns

VR technology offers extreme environments with virtual situations, allowing users to test and learn. Therefore, this helps to eliminate risk, liability, and injury.


Eliminates Time and Travel Issues

VR field trip opportunities eliminated time and travel issues keeping the main focus for manufacturers. Using headsets, the trainee can explore limitless opportunities in every sphere.

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Our Virtual Reality Work

  • video vr fire safety training

    VR Fire Safety Training

    Virtual Reality is best utilized in the training sector, especially in fire safety. It offers firefighters with an operational training system to tackle firefighting techniques virtually.

  • behavioral training in vr

    BANCO - VR Training

    Banco Estado VR is a simulation for sales executives of the Agricultural Micro enterprises branch. The aim is to achieve high-quality training, by visiting virtual crops at any time of the year, as well as interviewing AI characters...

  • video VR supermarket shopping experience

    VR Game Based Training for Supermarket Chain

    The aim of the VR training is to provide employees in the retail store a simulation of the usual problems of finding products in a limited time. This is a game based training which also enhances team building

  • video 360 virtual tour of hotel

    Real Estate 360 Virtual Tours

    Interactive 360 virtual tours provide rendering content to put your business a step ahead among the competitors. It offers an effective and affordable way to generate user engagement.

  • virtual reality home design

    Virtual Reality Home Design

    VR in Home Design - A Virtual Reality Application which can help visualize home decoration including furniture, fittings and the actual space in a house.

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