AI Based Recommendation Engine

AI Based Recommendation System Development Services

AI Recommendation engines today play an important role in helping businesses and customers have a better user experience. Product recommendations, movie suggestions, and people whom you would like to know on social media platforms are some of the popular examples of AI recommendation systems. With Quytech’s recommendation engine or system development services, we empower your business to understand your customers better, increase sales, boost brand loyalty, and keep users coming back to you.

Content-based Recommendation System

Based on the content a user looks for, our content-based recommendation systems can send recommendations around item inventory and attributes comparison.

Knowledge-based Recommendation System

Our developed engine helps you analyze user behavior, match-and-calculate user needs, and predict the most potent products or services.

collaborative recommendation engine
Collaborative Recommendation Engine

Just like the eCommerce marketplace, the collaborative recommendation engine developed by our specialists provides recommendations based on the history of user interactions with your platform.

AI for eCommerce
AI Recommendation Engine For eCommerce

eCommerce marketplaces mark the significance of AI recommendation systems widely. In fact, eCommerce stores use it as a targeted marketing tool and generate a good portion of the revenue. Hire AI developers to streamline the process to help you create AI recommendation solutions that enable you to

  • Showcase popular items by number of sales
  • Give product recommendations based on user’s browsing history
  • Cross-selling and up-selling
  • Location-based product recommendations
  • Ratings-based recommendations
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AI for Video Streaming

AI Recommendation System For Video Streaming Applications

With the rise in the demand for OTT and Video on Demand (VOD) services, it has become crucial to meet the dynamic needs of binge lovers. Our recommendation systems are built to analyze user behavior and offer relevant suggestions, proving to be a game-changer. With our AI recommendation system for video streaming applications, you empower users with -

  • Thumbnail / Artwork personalization
  • Tailored movie recommendations
  • Specify precise genres
  • Valuable advertising
  • Faster content discovery
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ai for education

AI Recommendation Engine For Education

The impact of recommendation systems in domains like education is gradually increasing. Our developed engine can be fine-tuned to improve personalization for academic choices, determine and support the main areas in education, and more. Here’s how we help you make the most of it -

  • Personalized learning suggestions
  • Mark the improvement per lesson
  • Smart content
  • Behavior analysis
  • Assisting educators with organizational tasks
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AI for Healthcare
AI Recommendation System For Healthcare

With the growing health-related awareness and increasing technology support, the market for global healthcare is on a rise. As the leading AI development company, we can develop an AI recommendation engine that can be leveraged for different use cases in the sector, some of which includes

  • Detecting diseases in early stage
  • Personalized treatment
  • Better imaging and diagnostic techniques
  • Preventing medical frauds
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Benefits of Custom AI Recommendation System Development

Using a recommendation engine can offer multiple benefits to your online business.

improved customer
Improved customer
higher customer
Higher customer
increased ctr
Increased CTR
more conversions
More conversions
and revenue
Higher customer retention
Higher customer
increased average
Increased average
order value

Our Work

  • emotions tracking

    Emotions Tracking Project (Video & Images)

    This AI-based emotions tracking solution is for tracking the emotions of the user while video recording. With this AI solution, the emotions are tracked in terms of Sad, Angry, Happy, etc. Observing the user’s body language, voice tone, hand motions, and other gestures. This helps make improvements after capturing the futurist index most accurately. About an emotional tracking project.

    • Tracking emotions using Keras and Opencv.
    • Applying pre-defined haarcascade for classification.
    • Classification into different category (like happy, sad, anger etc.)
    • Apply opencv to detect face and predict emotions.
  • nlp for text extraction

    NLP for Text Extraction

    This NLP and Machine Learning based project is AI-enabled solution to extract time, money, important keyword and sentence similarity from the text. It helps remove incorrect words using by applying data cleaning and data pre-processing. Applying different AI-enabled techniques for various texts.

    • Applying tfidf and word2vec method.
    • Creating vector for text data.
    • Extracting date from Date_time function.
    • Extract important words using genism method.
    • Apply normalization technique using TfidfVectorizer method.
    • Removing incorrect words using nltk.
  • ai cancer prediction

    AI Cancer Prediction

    We are currently working on an AI cancer prediction project for our prestigious client. Our team holds the required proficiency and expertise in designing and developing solutions that can offer a 96%-98% success rate for diagnosing cancer. Using ML codes and Neural networks from the data, we can help to predict a more stable and effective outcome for the cancer patients.

  • ai based augmented reality

    Interactive Voice Based Chatbot

    Interactive Voice-based Chatbot offers personalized interface which eventually increases customer retention with loyalty. We carry hand on experience in developing and designing Voice-based Chatbot to radically transform customer services. Our focus is to develop virtual Chatbot utilizing AI and AR. Our voice-based conversational Chatbot provides precise answers to customer requests while offering immersive business transaction services.

  • ai based recommendation

    AI-Based Recommendation

    This AI-based project offer the user the best recommendation results based on the history. The personalized recommendations are offered to the targeted users after the analysis of the data. The focus is to increase average order value i.e., to up-sell and cross-sell customers by providing product suggestions. The search done at a particular time zone and category offers the approach of the user while searching about the product.

    • Reading data set and sorting by course rating.
    • Concatenate multiple field and store in single column.
    • Finding the cosine similarity between words.
    • Finding the indices and weight_rating of words.
    • Apply tfidf vectorization to analyse word on the basis of ngrams(NLP).
  • ai object detection

    AI Object Detection

    AI with object detection is helpful in to fetch data for important data points. We have designed and developed AI solutions for different datasets to achieve higher accuracy on a variety of data samples. Custom Models like Human Ethnicity, Count Logo Brands, Car Type, Car Brand, Car Size, Human height, and many others can easily be detected.

    • Using Deep Learning models to extract features.
    • We train our own AI model using (CNN,OPENCV) for different datasets.
    • Optimize the model to achieve higher accuracy on a variety of data samples.
    • Input is fed into the trained model and result is fetched in output.
    • Object Detection is more accurate for creating custom models any real based problem statements.

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