Crisis Management App

crisis management app

Crisis Management App for Emergency Situations

Disaster, unexpected situations and unpleasant surprises are a part and parcel of life. But, the imperative fact associated with them, is that such grave occurrence continues to occur most unexpectedly. And the fact is that you cannot get away from these. To put it simple, you cannot not drive a car with the fear of getting into an accident, or not board a plane that it might crash or cease to live your life. Crisis can happen to you at any time, and this is not our way to scare you, but to show to you the reality which lies.

So, supposedly you have a company, with employees working for you. What do you pursue to manage crisis in any situation? Well, you must be having, sheets of paper with emergency numbers, contacts and details made mandatory to be carried by the employees. But, really, in this scenario of the latest in technology and innovation, there are better and productive platforms and methodology to take care of the crisis.

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With the AID of the Crisis Management App, You will be able to

  • Using crisis management app you will be able to streamline communication in real time. This will help to ensure a two-way communication mechanism to address the necessities of employees at emergency.
  • Uses GPS location and communication technology to provide valuable information including advanced SOS & emergency signaling capability. Broadcast warnings and information about disasters or threats to individual students and faculty.
  • Dealing with emergency situations while responding quickly to crises in order to minimize customer losses, maintain organization reputation, and keep costs in check and more.
  • Using SMS, Calls, in-built messenger, etc. proactively notify employees, associates and, others depending on the Geo-location in a pre-planned way. The possibility of the panic level is reduced with such proactive and strategic communication.
benefits of crisis management app for emergency situations

Features of Crisis Management App

If you are an employer it becomes your duty, to take care of your employees. The crisis management app is the perfect solution for all such situations. It is provided with such features which aid you in times of crisis situations. In order to further aid you with the benefits associated with the app, the features associated involves, an emergency contact directory. Then, there is the response plan involved too in the app. The app provides with accessibility to mass notification platform, which can utilize SMS, email and voice from the Smartphone.

It has attributes like; it can be integrated with the map system, which ensures locating the team member hassle free. The team members are able to see the tasks done along with updates with the app. There are always some documents which are of pertinence especially during an emergency situation. This app has feature with which you will be able to access all the documents in a seamless manner. The best apps are mostly portable with almost all the devices. So, avail getting developed the finest, by the preeminent company, Quytech.

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  • crisis management app

    SOS - Crisis Management App

    SOS based mobile application is designed for the general users who can find support in an emergency by pressing the SOS button of this application.

    This application has following features:

    • Upload user basic details, medical reports, emergency contact details
    • Live video capturing in case of emergency
    • Control center for support in emergency
  • emergency alert app

    Emergency Alert App

    This app will allow the employees or country managers to get the security updates related to places as per their visiting areas or check-In.

    This application has following features:

    • Country Outlook
    • Security Alerts
    • Maps
    • Check-In
    • SOS:- Need Help!
    • Chat

Advantages of Crisis Management App

As soon as, you and your employee have the crisis management app, in their mobile or tab, it ensures immense benefit. We here provide with ace attributes associated with our Crisis Management App to aid you

  • Emergency contact directory- the app will have a directory with requisite emergency contact information. This ensures that every user will exactly be able to know with regards to the other individual they need to contact. This directory will be based on a central database so that it will have the information of all the employees. When, there is any sort of alteration in the shift or location, the managers will be able to select the contact and that will appear on the app. The app will also be updated automatically.
  • Situation management- with the attribute of an emergency response plan, you will be in the position to notify every user with the aid of push notification. Hence, every individual will be aware of any sort of emergency whatsoever place they are located at. With the aid of the internal communication channel within the app, it will be easy to share information with employees and keep them well informed. Again, the managers can utilize the app to monitor the team status. It is with these apps that the employees will be able to access pertinent documents, anywhere they might be.
  • Response plans for emergency situations- with the aid of the app, the users will be able to utilize maps and appropriate steps to follow in any scenario of crisis or danger. Also, the app involves training material, instructions and videos to guide them in crisis situations.

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