Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce

ai solutions for ecommerce

AI Solutions for eCommerce

None can deny the fact that Artificial Intelligence is conquering the eCommerce sector. Whether to drive more conversions or expedite user engagement, AI is helping eCommerce players to gain a competitive edge.

We, at Quytech, are empowering startups and enterprises to deliver an unmatched shopping experience with the power of AI. Be it gaining more profits from your e-store, preventing customer churn, finding a balance between overstocks and understocks, or analyzing product pricing, our custom AI solutions for eCommerce help you stand out on the competitive landscape and win conversions. We work out of the box to integrate computer vision solutions, add VR visual effects, check your brand health, and level up your eCommerce business by leveraging the mightiness of Artificial Intelligence.

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How Are Custom AI Solutions for eCommerce Transforming Customer Experiences?

Now, digital shopping has become the new normal. From seamless interaction to 24/7 customer support, AI has made the eCommerce space flawless. We, at Quytech, can develop AI solutions tailored to your business needs. Our team of AI specialists incorporates enhanced functionalities like the below to help you take your business to the next level.

  • Visual Product Discovery helps consumers search products with an image reference and locate products quickly
  • Voice Search enables users to shop online with their own voice, giving a feel of interacting in the physical store
  • Personalized Product Recommendations take the shopping experience to just an another level and set a new standard for brand recognition
  • VR Visual Effects let consumers try the products before they buy them, offering fun and immersive experiences
  • AI Recommendation Engine enables you to enhance user experience while increasing sales and boosting brand loyalty
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Why Go With AI eCommerce Solution Development?

personalized experiences Personalized Experiences

Artificial Intelligence algorithms help you predict user behavior to deliver customized experience whenever shoppers land on your eCommerce store for a purchase.

optimized inventory Optimized Inventory

Our custom AI eCommerce solutions analyze the data to predict trends and help you make informed decisions with regards to maintaining the inventory.

customer support Automated Customer Support

AI-driven assistants or chatbots can save your business time, money, and resources while enabling you to be available 24/7.

improved roi Improved ROI

With our expertise in AI eCommerce solution development, you understand your audience better, driving more conversions and improving ROI and revenues.

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ai solutions for ecommerce

Benefits of AI-enabled eCommerce Apps

Our experienced developers build next-generation, feature-rich, and scalable AI solutions to level up your eCommerce business. We provide custom AI-enabled eCommerce app development services to ensure that you reach your customers effectively and improve the bottom line. Our solutions help you create a win-win situation for your business as well as consumers.

For Business
  • Customer sentiment analysis
  • Predictive marketing and sales
  • Personalized communication
  • Hyper Automation
  • Augmented network security
For Consumers
  • Access to a wide range of products and services at one place
  • Voice search
  • Visual search
  • Customized recommendations
  • Sustainable product delivery
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Why Choose Us?

technical skills
Technical Expertise

With our custom AI solutions and years of experience, we have helped businesses climb the ladder of success in the eCommerce industry. And, can help you, too!

vast experience
Client-centric Approach

We understand and analyze your requirements to familiarize you with the best use cases of AI in eCommerce for your business. Our team ensures to develop a solution tailored to your needs.

creative solutions
End-to-end Consultation

Looking to implement AI in eCommerce but unaware of its use cases? Talk to our experts and determine the AI solutions that define your eCommerce business.

creative solutions
Innovative AI Solutions

Our developers are proficient at leveraging the latest technologies and tools to create state-of-the-art AI solutions for your eCommerce business.

Tools/Frameworks used for AI Development

tensor flow
mircosoft azure
ibm watson
spark mllib

Do You Want to Hire AI Developer for Your Project?

Our skilled development team deliver customized and end to end solutions to tech-savvy client starting from conceptualization to deployment at cost-effective rates.

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Part-time Hiring
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Full-time Hiring

Our Work

  • ai based emotions tracking

    Emotions Tracking Project (Video & Images)

    This AI-based emotions tracking solution is for tracking the emotions of the user while video recording. With this AI solution, the emotions are tracked in terms of Sad, Angry, Happy, etc. Observing the user’s body language, voice tone, hand motions, and other gestures. This helps make improvements after capturing the futurist index most accurately. About an emotional tracking project.

    • Tracking emotions using Keras and Opencv.
    • Applying pre-defined haarcascade for classification.
    • Classification into different category (like happy, sad, anger etc.)
    • Apply opencv to detect face and predict emotions.
  • NLP for text extraction

    NLP for Text Extraction

    This NLP and Machine Learning based project is AI-enabled solution to extract time, money, important keyword and sentence similarity from the text. It helps remove incorrect words using by applying data cleaning and data pre-processing. Applying different AI-enabled techniques for various texts.

    • Applying tfidf and word2vec method.
    • Creating vector for text data.
    • Extracting date from Date_time function.
    • Extract important words using genism method.
    • Apply normalization technique using TfidfVectorizer method.
    • Removing incorrect words using nltk.
  • ai object detection

    AI Object Detection

    AI with object detection is helpful in to fetch data for important data points. We have designed and developed AI solutions for different datasets to achieve higher accuracy on a variety of data samples. Custom Models like Human Ethnicity, Count Logo Brands, Car Type, Car Brand, Car Size, Human height, and many others can easily be detected.

    • Using Deep Learning models to extract features.
    • We train our own AI model using (CNN,OPENCV) for different datasets.
    • Optimize the model to achieve higher accuracy on a variety of data samples.
    • Input is fed into the trained model and result is fetched in output.
    • Object Detection is more accurate for creating custom models any real based problem statements.
  • ai based recommendation

    AI-Based Recommendation

    This AI-based project offer the user the best recommendation results based on the history. The personalized recommendations are offered to the targeted users after the analysis of the data. The focus is to increase average order value i.e., to up-sell and cross-sell customers by providing product suggestions. The search done at a particular time zone and category offers the approach of the user while searching about the product.

    • Reading data set and sorting by course rating.
    • Concatenate multiple field and store in single column.
    • Finding the cosine similarity between words.
    • Finding the indices and weight_rating of words.
    • Apply tfidf vectorization to analyse word on the basis of ngrams(NLP).

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