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Virtual Try on Solutions

Virtualization of virtual try-on solutions leads to the creation of virtual environments offering a wide range of customized marketing strategies. Moreover, it enhances the shopping experience and customer support with 3D realistic experience in real-time, simulation and visualization for individual customers. Virtual Try-On solutions support the customer in fast decision making in order to minimize time and costs for manufacturers and retailers.

At Quytech, we develop Virtual try-solution utilizing integrated virtual strategies which facilitates the traders at the point-of-sales and soon over the internet. Augmented Reality technologies have been developed focusing the point-of-sales in order to draw the attention of users. Our interactive virtual try on solution is able to shortlist virtual products which support preselection customer's information. This leads to slow down the product's return rates as well as future indecision to purchase the product over the internet.

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Types of Virtual Try On
Solutions We Develop

  • virtual try on jewelsVirtual Try on Jewels
  • virtual try on eyewearVirtual Try on Eyewear
  • virtual try on watchesVirtual Try on Watches
  • virtual try on furnitureVirtual Try on Furniture
  • virtual try on surgeryVirtual Try on Surgery
  • virtual try on hatVirtual Try on Hat

Virtual Try on Jewels

Virtually try-on jewelry offers the user the confidence to buy jewels without taking much time. AR technology allows potential customers to visualize and experience the jewels before buying it. Hence, users can virtually customize the jewelry items to change the size, shape, carat, setting, etc. accordingly.

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Virtual Try on Eyewear

Virtually try on eyewear streamline the eye frame selection process by selecting the right pair of glasses. This AR solution develops a virtual catalog to capture more in-store and multiples sales while offering a try-on eyewear service. Hence, Virtual tries App to serve the user to make accurate decisions before buying eyewear online.

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Virtual Try on Watches

Virtual Try on watches solution lets the user to virtually try on the various model of the watch using wrist bands or marker. This allows customers to virtually visualize and check different 3D watch models of watches hassle free. Users can change the color, models, and designs of the watch before finalizing it.

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Virtual Try on Furniture

This AR solution offer superimposing computer-generated images of over real-world video with virtual Catalog. This lets shoppers try certain pieces of furniture into their existing interior and check how it would look. AR technology has the potential to further the momentum of online shopping growth.

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Virtual Try on Plastic Surgery

VR try on plastic surgery is an advanced procedure that allows the users to visualize the output before the surgery. By using AR Solution, users can also go more through in-depth details related to the surgery. The use of AR solution will superimpose the 3D digital simulation image of the body part augmentation before surgery.

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Virtual Try on Hat

VR try on Hat allows visitors to try and compare Hats through AR App. Before purchasing the desired hat user can experience different designs, shades, and brands effortlessly. This can streamline customers shopping as well as improve decision making with customizable services. The rendering 3D models of the hat can make the shopping experience more realistic and entertaining.

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Benefits of AR Enabled Try on Apps

  • Augmented Reality technology takes mobile apps industry to the next level for the brand experience.
  • The AR technology opens up a wide array of possibilities for business with AR marketing campaign solution.
  • AR technology plays a significant hand in increasing customer impressions as it is a key role in driving customer engagements.
  • The augmented reality technology can augment virtual world objects with our real world.
  • Augmented Reality in business marketing significantly improves your business revenue in the long run.
  • Augmented reality plays a huge role in personalizing content for promotion to achieve goals within a reasonable amount of time.
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Our skilled developers have the capability to understand in-depth the latest advancement and technologies. Being expertise we craft our client's ideas into high-quality products.

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Vast Experience

We carry vast experience in diverse technologies that helped us to delivered numerous successful project in AR/VR sphere. Over 8 years of experience we are strongly rooted in the industry.

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Creative Solutions

AR and VR solutions are all about creativity. When it comes to developing solutions our design team combines technology with creativity to create the immersive and impactful user experience.

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Client-Create Approach

Our client-centric approach understands the client's unique requirement. For us each client's is unique and our focus is to tailor their requirements to perfection.

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