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Artificial Intelligence has the potential to deal with the enormous amount of data available over the web to extract useful insights that can transform your business completely. Industries all over the world are rapidly adopting Artificial Intelligence solutions to upgrade their business processes and accelerate their digital transformation. If you, too, want to make the most of this technology and looking out for the best artificial intelligence solutions development & artificial intelligence service provider, then you are in the right place.

Here, at Quytech, we design and develop artificial intelligence solutions to help your business get useful insights from data and make smart decisions for your business growth and success. We are one of the best artificial intelligence development company and a trusted AI consulting firm that aims at developing tailor-made and cost-effective Artificial Intelligence solutions to Retail, Travel, Healthcare, Finance, and many other industries.

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Types of Artificial Intelligence
Solutions We Develop

  • fraud detection solutionFraud Detection Solution
  • ai enabled video analysisAI-enabled Video Analysis
  • document analysisDocument Analysis/Data Extraction
  • recommendation engineRecommendation Engine
  • ai-enabled diagnosisAI-enabled Diagnosis
  • prediction enginePrediction Engine
  • virtual ai assistantVirtual AI Assistant
  • video processing toolsVideo Processing Tools
fraud detection solution

Fraud Detection Solution

We develop fraud detection Artificial Intelligence solutions that quickly recognize even the subtle patterns of frauds to avoid its occurrence. Our AI solutions are also capable of identifying behavior anomalies.

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ai enabled video analysis

AI-enabled Video Analysis

Our professionals hold expertise in developing AI-enabled video analysis solutions that can be synced with video surveillance cameras to identify humans, objects, vehicles, and events.

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document analysis

Document Analysis/Data Extraction

Artificial Intelligence solutions for document analysis and data extraction can make our customers save time, minimize monotonous repetitive tasks, boost productivity, and improve the quality of work.

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recommendation engine

Recommendation Engine

We hold expertise in developing AI-based recommendation engines to help businesses to make quick recommendations according to the interest and preferences of their customers.

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ai enabled diagnosis

AI-enabled Diagnosis

Our AI-powered diagnosis solutions can help medical professionals to speed up the diagnosis process and get accurate outcomes. It can also prevent the occurrence of contagious diseases.

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prediction engine

Prediction Engine

We develop prediction engines leveraging AI to help businesses to forecast future values and market insights for making better business strategies that can lead to success.

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virtual ai assistant

Virtual AI Assistant

Our professionals possess all the necessary skills and experience to build a virtual AI assistant that understands human language and completes various tasks merely with a voice command.

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video processing tools

Video Processing Tools

Using our Artificial Intelligence-enabled video processing tools, you can process thousands of videos together to detect objects, places, actions, emotions, frame level, and other important aspects.

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Our AI Solutions Development Company caters to a wide array of industries

AI Solution for Healthcare
  • AI-enabled gesture recognition
  • AI-powered prediction recommendation
  • AI-driven medical imaging analysis
  • AI-based medical diagnosis
AI Solution for Finance
  • Evaluating risks
  • Preventing and detecting frauds
  • Automating financial operations
  • Market predictions
AI Solution for Travel
  • Virtual travel assistant
  • Brand management
  • Customer experience
  • Recommendation engines
ai agriculture
AI Solution for Agriculture
  • Preventing and controlling pest infestation
  • Soil and crops health monitoring
  • Image-based insight generation
  • Automated steering system
AI Solution for Retail
  • Automated checkouts
  • Voice search
  • Visual search
  • Chatbots
AI Solution for Adtech
  • Advertisement fraud detection
  • Automatic audience targeting
  • Recognizing brand-safe content
  • Augmenting consumer data

Why Choose Quytech For AI Development Solutions

technical skills
Technical Expertise

The team of AI developers at Quytech hold strong technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of how Artificial Intelligence can transform your business to get an ultimate customer experience.

vast experience
Rich Experience

Our team of AI solutions development have more than a decade of experience in developing different types of AI applications for healthcare, travel, retail, and almost all other business verticals.

creative solutions
Tailor-made Solutions

We understand the fact that every business has different requirements; therefore, we offer customized and innovative AI solutions to help you deliver a personalized experience to your customers.

client-create approach
100% Transparency

We use advanced project management tools that provide our clients with complete transparency over the project’s progress. Moreover, we also send regular progress reports in the most understandable format.

Tools/Frameworks used for AI Solution Development

tensor flow
mircosoft azure
ibm watson
spark mllib

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Our Work

  • ai based emotions tracking

    Emotions Tracking Project (Video & Images)

    This AI-based emotions tracking solution is for tracking the emotions of the user while video recording. With this AI solution, the emotions are tracked in terms of Sad, Angry, Happy, etc. Observing the user’s body language, voice tone, hand motions, and other gestures. This helps make improvements after capturing the futurist index most accurately. About an emotional tracking project.

    • Tracking emotions using Keras and Opencv.
    • Applying pre-defined haarcascade for classification.
    • Classification into different category (like happy, sad, anger etc.)
    • Apply opencv to detect face and predict emotions.
  • NLP for text extraction

    NLP for Text Extraction

    This NLP and Machine Learning based project is AI-enabled solution to extract time, money, important keyword and sentence similarity from the text. It helps remove incorrect words using by applying data cleaning and data pre-processing. Applying different AI-enabled techniques for various texts.

    • Applying tfidf and word2vec method.
    • Creating vector for text data.
    • Extracting date from Date_time function.
    • Extract important words using genism method.
    • Apply normalization technique using TfidfVectorizer method.
    • Removing incorrect words using nltk.
  • ai object detection

    AI Object Detection

    AI with object detection is helpful in to fetch data for important data points. We have designed and developed AI solutions for different datasets to achieve higher accuracy on a variety of data samples. Custom Models like Human Ethnicity, Count Logo Brands, Car Type, Car Brand, Car Size, Human height, and many others can easily be detected.

    • Using Deep Learning models to extract features.
    • We train our own AI model using (CNN,OPENCV) for different datasets.
    • Optimize the model to achieve higher accuracy on a variety of data samples.
    • Input is fed into the trained model and result is fetched in output.
    • Object Detection is more accurate for creating custom models any real based problem statements.
  • ai based recommendation

    AI-Based Recommendation

    This AI-based project offer the user the best recommendation results based on the history. The personalized recommendations are offered to the targeted users after the analysis of the data. The focus is to increase average order value i.e., to up-sell and cross-sell customers by providing product suggestions. The search done at a particular time zone and category offers the approach of the user while searching about the product.

    • Reading data set and sorting by course rating.
    • Concatenate multiple field and store in single column.
    • Finding the cosine similarity between words.
    • Finding the indices and weight_rating of words.
    • Apply tfidf vectorization to analyse word on the basis of ngrams(NLP).
  • ai based marketing analysis

    TunGo API - AI Based Marketing Analysis

    TunGo Project where we created the API's with the AI model to extract the human count, car count, car size, human height from the video which is captured by a van.

    This project consists of step by step integration of different modules that consist of AI, ML along with Data Science.

    User would be able to see the real time statistics and insights of the advertisement that is being displayed on the van and also show the real time location of the van.

  • ai-enabled apps for education

    Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Apps for Education

    Quytech, a top education app development company has developed a prominent edtech platform namely FutureNow. FutureNow is an Edtech platform where users are able to watch short videos of 2 minutes on various topics. With futurists, users can upload the videos, create course contents & chapters, and earn money.

    Some of the Artificial Intelligence components included in FutureNow are:

    • Emotion tracking
    • Videos Transcription
    • AI based study journey plan
    • Smart recommendation system
    • Motion detection

FAQ - Artificial Intelligence Solution

What type of Artificial Intelligence solutions you develop?

Being a trusted AI solutions company and AI solutions provider, we have experience in developing all types of AI solutions. We collect your particular requirements and then develop a customized solution to help your business grow and succeed.

Which industries do you develop AI solutions for?

We are one of the renowned Artificial Intelligence solutions companies with a background in developing AI solutions for banking, finance, manufacturing, Adtech, Agriculture, Travel, Healthcare, and almost all other industries.

How much does it take for the AI solution development?

It depends on various factors, including the type of AI solution, complexity and features to be added to it, and project idea and requirements. No matter what the project size is, we guarantee on-time delivery.

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