Augmented Reality Solutions

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Augmented Reality Solutions

Augmented Reality completely can be a game changer for many industries by transforming the existing tedious methods. Augmented reality helps businesses to come up with unique marketing strategies with huge potential. Augmented Reality plays vital role as it changes how we perceive things. Augmented Reality solution simulates real life environment while creating a completely immersive user experience.

At Quytech, we develop advanced Augmented Reality applications for diverse business requirements. We offer brands with innovative AR solutions with advanced marketing techniques and campaigns. Our solutions have an unmatched potential for creating the most amazing experiences across diverse platforms and multiple industry verticals. Augmented Reality solutions are unique, captivating, transforming and capable of adding value to the client's business in this technical world.

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Types of Augmented Reality
Solutions We Develop

  • virtual try on solutionVirtual Try on Solution
  • ar cmsAR CMS
  • ar measurementAR Measurement
  • ar marker based appAR Marker Based App
  • virtual showroomVirtual Showroom
  • ar location based appAR Location Based App
  • real-time recognitionReal-Time Recognition
  • ar user manualAR User Manual
  • virtual walk throughVirtual Walk Through
virtual try on solution

Virtual Try on Solution

We develop Virtual Try-on solutions for retail & E-commerce platform so that users can try-on the various products virtually.

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ar cms


We develop AR CMS solutions to offer a customizable AR experience that allows you to upload, manage, and publish the AR contents on your app.

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ar measurement

AR Measurement

AR Measure offer spatial features to measure real-world objects by simply pointing your phone's camera orientation with respect to the real world frame.

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ar marker based app

AR Marker Based App

AR application assists in identifying visual markers that are already embedded within the system for superimposition of virtual elements in the physical world.

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virtual showroom

Virtual Showroom

A virtual showroom application is designed for an experiencing virtual showroom that invites users to visualize different combinations of the objects beyond the reality.

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ar location based app

AR Location Based App

AR location-based app comes with location detection capabilities with the scope to access AR content using devices such as smartphones.

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real-time recognition

Real-Time Recognition

3D-models Object recognition and tracking method for mobile AR-devices to determine the location and orientation of objects in the current scene.

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ar user manual

AR User Manual

We develop user manual in AR to offer an interactive way to understand the guidelines step by step to increase the information retention while reading the manual.

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virtual walk through

Virtual Walk Through

Enhances your Site visits with immersive 3D walk-throughs combined with cutting-edge floor plan technology that allows users to navigate seamlessly.

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Industries We Serve

  • Virtual Try-on 3D products
  • Product Virtual Visualization
  • Data Analysis
  • AR Packing Solutions
print and media
Print & Media
  • AR Advertisement Platform
  • AR Posters & Flyers
  • AR CMS
  • AR Storytelling Solutions
education and training
Education & Training
  • Virtual Walkthroughs
  • AR Workplace Training
  • AR CMS
  • AR Expedition
travel and hospitality
Travel & Hospitality
  • Virtual Field Trips
  • Location-Based AR Apps
  • Virtual Historical Tours
  • Virtual Hospitality
real estate
Real Estate
  • Virtual Tour
  • Floor Planner
  • AR Walkthrough
  • Interactive Blueprints
  • AR Quality Assurance
  • AR Remote Assistance
  • AR Designing
  • AR in Maintenance

Why Choose Us

technical skills
Technical Skill

Our skilled developers have the capability to understand in-depth the latest advancement and technologies. Being expertise we craft our client's ideas into high-quality products.

vast experience
Vast Experience

We carry vast experience in diverse technologies that helped us to delivered numerous successful project in AR/VR sphere. Over 8 years of experience we are strongly rooted in the industry.

creative solutions
Creative Solutions

AR and VR solutions are all about creativity. When it comes to developing solutions our design team combines technology with creativity to create the immersive and impactful user experience.

client-create approach
Client-Create Approach

Our client-centric approach understands the client's unique requirement. For us each client's is unique and our focus is to tailor their requirements to perfection.

AR Tools and Technologies

Accelerate your business growth with our app development services

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Our Work

  • ar wine label app

    AR Wine Label App

    Loco Porti wines, is a Florida based wine manufacturer. They wish to launch the AR campaign for their wine collection.

  • magnet - ar event app

    Magnet - AR Event App

    Music Driven is an AR application that allows users to experience events in Augmented Reality. This app is developed for an event where users can enjoy the live events with 3D animation effects.

  • virtual try on glasses

    Virtual Try-on Glasses

    We have successfully developed an AR solution for eye care brand. With the help of 3D virtual try-on technology offer a virtual catalogue of the different stylish frames to your customer.

  • ar news app

    Live Augmented Reality App for Newspaper

    We designed and developed Augmented Reality Apps for Newspaper for one of our prestigious clients. This AR app helps to bring publication's content to live by adding a digital element to the printed material...

  • web based ar application

    Web Based Augmented Reality Application

    We design and develop Web AR platform that open new opportunities to add highly engaging and immersive content to your website. Web AR used in websites/browsers helps to create interactive experiences for users.

  • unity-based pc-games

    Unity-Based PC-Games

    We utilize the unity game engine to offer unbeatable experience in PC Games with multiplayer features. Our game offers stunning visualizations, interactive stories and much more to take games player’s craziness to the next level.

  • ar based game app

    AR Based Game App

    Wormhole is a powerful social community builder that brings professional gamers together at a place where the World is the Game. By becoming a wormholer, you can step into the stream to create and customize your clubhouse and experience an environment that blends both the virtual and real world. Get the app right away!

  • ar packaging app

    AR Packaging App

    iPKG is an interactive AR mobile application that enables users to scan different images/markers via the device camera. This is an AR packaging app featured with AR content which is a combination of text, sound, video, animations and interactive games to engross the potential user.

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