AR for Interior Design & Architecture

AR in Interior Design

Augmented Reality for Interior Design & Architecture

Augmented Reality is adding value to the digital information of a 3D image of architecture that can be viewed through VR solutions. Hence, AR is an enhanced version of reality which is created with the help of technology to overlay interior design to our real current world.

merge of projects

Merge of projects with Augmented Reality models

Augmented Reality is one booming technology which is helping the Architect to perfectly connect with the client and users. This immersive technology can be used effectively to creatively showcase the model to the clients. It can help them instantly by modifying changes according to the client's need.

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encouraging immersive

Encouraging immersive marketing materials

AR in architects and designers are gradually integrating AR experience in their business. This helps in the promotion of their ideas, for the customers to feel confident before they buy. Thus, the potential of this technology beneficial for this sector on a vast scale.

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bring your floor maps

Bring your floor maps idea to life

With unique methods of visualization Augmented Reality allows a complete 3D 360-degree view of the floor to the client. Through this AR solution client can not only view the design but also get a complete understanding of the floor design better.

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virtually view new apartment concept

Virtually view new apartment concept

Augmented reality is transforming architecture and designing sector by improving the overall process of viewing the entire space and design before the final purchase. Through visualization and designing VR customer interface can be more client engaging and will resolve the designing issues.

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benefits for architects

Benefits for Architects and Interior Designers

AR app for Architect and interior designers brings conventional 2D blueprints to real life. This is done by overlaying the normal pictures with accurate-scale 3D models to analyze construction after a certain period of time. Thereby, it can also be used to see the impact of different types of building material or to demonstrate engineering around a structure.

This AR App initiates with image recognition using a camera that scan an image or specific marker. Thus, by adding extra layers of interactive animation and digital data such as sounds, images, videos a live augmented environment can be created.

From Businesses Perspective:

  • Personalize 3D experiences
  • Entertain and amaze customers
  • Increases the rate of customer's retentions
  • Be ahead of the competition

From Customer Perspective:

  • Find and try products remotely
  • Explore brand new ways to try and buy
  • Making more informed purchasing decisions
  • Combine buying with entertainment
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About Quytech

Quytech with a mission is trying to take content and Augment Reality to different space. Our AR solution for Interior Design & Architecture offer businesses in interior designing to showcase their designs and models visually and interactively to the clients and customers. Our expert team is well proficient in 3D & 2D content development, Unity game design, and Augmented Reality Programming. Apart from that we are specialized in AR floor planning and AR measurement App solutions.

Our team of experts develops unique and exhilarating AR Apps for businesses in architecture and designing with clean design and high-level coding. Developers here can add multiple layers of 2D, 3D and gaming experiences as per the client requirement.

Our Augmented Reality Work

  • video augmented reality apps for interior design

    Augmented Reality Apps for Interior Design

    It is a simple 3D Virtual room planner for creating interior design with complete library of furniture items.

    Moreover, it also calculates costs of the furniture item that has been added to the list. It is provided with the features that calculates square footage of the area. Here are some features of 3d virtual reality room planner.

  • video ar floor planner app

    AR Floor Plan App

    Augmented Reality (AR) Floor Plan - This app is helpful for Real estate agents, Craftsmen, builders, and property dealers. Through this AR app, you can show the different floor plans virtually to customers exactly what they are looking for. It is a unique way to engage more clients around the globe while offering virtual floor planner. AR solution can take your real estate perspective to the successful level.

Do You Want to Hire AR App Developer for Your Project?

Our skilled development team deliver customized and end to end solutions to tech-savvy client starting from conceptualization to deployment at cost-effective rates.

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We understand your project perspective to convert your amazing ideas into reality. Usher your business into a futuristic realm with our high-quality development services.

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