Augmented Reality
in Manufacturing

AR in Manufacturing

Augmented Reality in Manufacturing

Augmented reality (AR) has quickly emerged as a technology that can solve key operational problems in the manufacturing industry. Augmented Reality in manufacturing shows that this technology is helpful in providing reliable solutions to crucial problems. The employees using AR solutions in manufacturing perform an action easily, quickly, and more comfortably. AR solutions allow two-way communication between field service technicians and remote experts. A disruptive potential of this technology allows the manufacturing industry to become more responsive, efficient and customer-centric.

ar in maintenance

Augmented Reality in Maintenance

Augmented Reality in the manufacturing industry will allow workers to work well with maintenance manuals behind, making the process less time-consuming and tiring. AR technology solutions are useful in maintenance work, as well as in inspection and building system's parts. A useful application of AR in maintenance is basically maintenance-support technology using augmented reality based on a 3D model. Such AR manufacturing environment enables the worker to confirm the order of inspection on an AR display.

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ar remote assistance

Augmented Reality Remote Assistance

Manufacturing involves remote assistance while assembling components in a precise sequence. AR in manufacturing of product follows a new set of remote instructions to minimize execution times. With the mean of AR glasses, higher authorities can keep assisting lower task management avoiding human and machinery errors. With AR headsets, the employees can have the same information right before their eyes that minimizing execution times.

AR Remote Assistance reduces site inspection travelling costs to workstations to check something. Employees can be asked to join the headset's video stream to assist with complex tasks.

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ar in quality assurance

Augmented Reality in Quality Assurance

Companies adopting augmented reality in manufacturing for quality assurance can experience high-quality standards. The AR solution helps employees to compare how an already assembled part matches the initial design before it is sent to the final designing section. AR manufacturing solution saves costs and time, improves accuracy, and allows companies to meet a high level of quality criteria. Therefore, integrating AR technology into production environments gives workers access to complete 3D models of the vehicles. AR in Quality Assurance is transforming reality into an interactive sphere in which information about the manufacturing products can be directly accessed by the workers.

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ar in quality designing

Augmented Reality in Quality Designing

AR technology coming together with artificial intelligence is augmenting the capabilities of the designing in the manufacturing industry. Via Augmented Reality, company can elevate the skill level of workers. AR for manufacturing allowed the company's designers to be more creative, as well as work quicker than earlier. AR brought a long list of benefits that can take employee's skill level to the next level. Augmented Reality in designing has made easier for the company to manage and augment work with the designing team effective and proficient manner.

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augmented reality in manufacturing

Benefits of Augmented Reality in Manufacturing

Quy Technology Pvt Ltd provides bespoke AR app development services in manufacturing industries deal with manufacturing or product clarification. With our AR solution industry staff in service, logistics, and maintenance can perform better. It eases the complicated instructions in an easily accessible way which improves customer service process.

  • Design and Prototyping
  • Production Process Operations
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Remote Assistance
  • Risk Free Training
  • Quality Control and Inspection
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