Augmented Reality
in Publication

Augmented Reality in Publication

Through AR technology experts have broken the traditional approach for publishers with the introduction of a seamless experience between the screen and the printed page. AR technology creates models from content that take a brand new experience to readers of any age to the next level. Whether in the case magazine cover or storytelling AR is incredibly exhilarating the experience with digital and emerging technology.

ar kids books

Augmented Reality in Kids Books

Augmented Reality book is full of new possibilities for kids books. With these books, you can encourage children to engage with their educational content. AR books of this type are virtually limitless that offers kids an interactive experience that's fun and engaging as well as informational. Featured with augmented reality content, a combination of text, sound, illustrations and 3D images you can engross readers. AR book will fascinate children and engage with the appealing story.

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ar magazine

Augmented Reality in Magazines

AR magazine incorporated with AR is a unique way of bringing cover images to life. With AR magazines readers are encouraged to interact with provocative stories, addictive videos, and distinctively curated social feeds. Uplift your offline users experience to the next level with new experience by selling housewares, gadgets, and ornaments in AR space. Unlocks a new piece of AR content of AR-activated promotions with multi-dimensional visuals, films, and a panoramic, 360-degree view.

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ar news

Augmented Reality in Newspapers

By using the power of Augmented Reality you can make print reading more entertaining and knowledgeable. Readers can read, watch and learn with every 3D print issued through AR newspaper. We provide AR solutions that offer an opportunity to use Independent Media newspaper titles to take readers to your website. For advertisers and e-commerce sites AR newspaper ensures that the content can be made available, anywhere, anytime.

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ar enabled packaging

The Rapid way from Print to Digital

Augmented Reality in publishing sector enables users to visualize, play and deliver the AR content via video, audio, action buttons (CTA), images, text, and 3D models.

  • Image
  • Text
  • Audio
  • 3D-Models
  • Videos
  • Web Links
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easily analysis

Easily Analysis Your Customer Engagement

With new ways to engage audiences the analytics made possible through AR, it could offer genuinely new insights into customer behaviour.

  • Demo Graphic
  • Geo location
  • Share/Likes
  • CTA Clicks
  • Age
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augmented reality

Benefits of Augmented Reality in Publication

Quytech with a mission is trying to take content and Augment Reality to different space. Our AR solution offers readers and publishers to interactively publish their content that has never been witnessed before. Our expert team is well proficient in 3D & 2D content development, Unity game design, and Augmented Reality Programming.

Our team of experts develops unique and exhilarating AR Apps for readers with clean design and high-level coding. Developers here can add multiple layers of 2D, 3D and gaming experiences to the existing print content. Developers are expertise in developing content and deploying mobile apps for AR.

  • An Innovative way to sell
  • An Innovative way to engage
  • Interactive page animation
  • Integrated promotional video
  • 3D View of products advertisement
  • Give Your Business competitive Edge
  • Create Social Buzz
  • Add Live Web overlays
  • Add Direct Call to Action
  • Reduce the return rate of products
  • Analysis Consumer behaviour
  • A New way to boost Revenue
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Our AR Work

  • ar platform for publisher

    Augmented Reality Platform for Publisher

    We have designed and developed an Augmented Reality Publication solution for one of our prominent clients. This solution helped them in adding virtual elements like videos, audios, action buttons (CTA), images, text, and 3D models into static content. One can easily Augment existing content with Interactive elements in this application.

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Our skilled development team deliver customized and end to end solutions to tech-savvy client starting from conceptualization to deployment at cost-effective rates.

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