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Augmented Reality for Retail

AR has found a strong foothold in the retail industry. Quytech one of the top App development company is using AR technology that can provide a level of interaction between their retail products and consumers. The solution provided here are immersing users in a completely new environment. Thus Quytech is working in a dynamic way by providing features that can advantage users both in-store as well at home. Through such online retail solution blended with Augmented Reality has change the way consumers shop forever.

Try Before Buy
Try Before Buy

Customers can try the real furniture at home, it would be practically possible through smartphone or a tablet.

Tape Measure
Tape Measure

The catalogue acts as an anchor point that helps the AR app calculate the size and position of the appliance that can be seen in the user’s device.

Social Sharing
Social Sharing

Allow shoppers to see their outfit from all perspectives and share images with their friends in order to get their opinion.

How to Use Augmented Reality in Retail Sector

vr try-on product Virtually Try-On Product

Provide an integrative view and practical value of the product through AR. By incorporating "Try-before-you-buy" concept, the user experience is more efficient and effective. Brands can boost online sales by leveraging 3D realistic experience in real-time for individual customers.

ar product information AR Product Information

With AR make the user experience more informative in every sense. Provide more awareness about the brand product like how to use it, customer feedback, rating, health benefits, and lot more. Offer practical benefits to your potential clients by augmenting AR elements.

in-store navigation In-store Navigation

Solve the problem of in-store navigation and guide users to navigate products while endorsing sales and revenue. Through AR Retail app show visitors the arrangement of departments in the store with a virtual route to a shelf with a specific product.

immersive product catalog Immersive Product Catalog

Offers the immersive product catalog experience to your potential partners and brands. AR catalog act as the most vital solution of off-site retail activity. Implementation of the AR catalog demonstrates the product visuals in the form of interactive consequence.

ar brand engagement AR Brand Engagement

Connect to a potential customer with AR in an immersive and innovative way. AR in retail can streamline brand engagement in order to provide users with undiscovered possibilities. Brands can engage their audience through AR at a better scale in real-time.

ar packging AR Packaging

Provide the possibilities of bringing products packaging to life with AR. Augmented Reality makes the brand more engaging beyond the imagination. AR packing is able to introduce new stimulating layers to connect audiences with the environment around them.

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Benefits of AR in Retail

  • It provides a novel dimension to catalogue and online retailer managing to fabricate new paradigms.
  • It enables interactive online features, hence, makes sure that the audience is more engaged.
  • With the aid of these apps your customers and clients will be able to enjoy a 360 degree view of the product.
  • In fact, the clients will be able to view products with the aid of a 3D representation of the desired space.
  • Needless to add, it enhances the experience of the clients and enhances their quick and comfortable decision.
  • It offers a smooth path to purchase.
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Augmented Reality has created its prominent space in retail sectors to revolutionize the different aspects from the user as well as a business prospect.

foods and beverages
Foods and beverages

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Our Work

  • ar wine label app

    AR Wine Label App

    Loco Porti wines, is a Florida based wine manufacturer. They wish to launch the AR campaign for their wine collection.

  • magnet - ar event app

    Magnet - AR Event App

    Music Driven is an AR application that allows users to experience events in Augmented Reality. This app is developed for an event where users can enjoy the live events with 3D animation effects.

  • virtual try on glasses

    Virtual Try-on Glasses

    We have successfully developed an AR solution for eye care brand. With the help of 3D virtual try-on technology offer a virtual catalogue of the different stylish frames to your customer.

  • ar news app

    Live Augmented Reality App for Newspaper

    We designed and developed Augmented Reality Apps for Newspaper for one of our prestigious clients. This AR app helps to bring publication's content to live by adding a digital element to the printed material...

  • web based ar application

    Web Based Augmented Reality Application

    We design and develop Web AR platform that open new opportunities to add highly engaging and immersive content to your website. Web AR used in websites/browsers helps to create interactive experiences for users.

  • unity-based pc-games

    Unity-Based PC-Games

    We utilize the unity game engine to offer unbeatable experience in PC Games with multiplayer features. Our game offers stunning visualizations, interactive stories and much more to take games player’s craziness to the next level.

  • ar based game app

    AR Based Game App

    Wormhole is a powerful social community builder that brings professional gamers together at a place where the World is the Game. By becoming a wormholer, you can step into the stream to create and customize your clubhouse and experience an environment that blends both the virtual and real world. Get the app right away!

  • ar packaging app

    AR Packaging App

    iPKG is an interactive AR mobile application that enables users to scan different images/markers via the device camera. This is an AR packaging app featured with AR content which is a combination of text, sound, video, animations and interactive games to engross the potential user.

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