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Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented Reality is an enhanced view of the physical real world seen through a digital screen. Augmented Reality allows a user to interact with digital world using real world objects or interact with real world object using digital medium. It consists of context aware applications/devices which sense the world of the user and allows interaction, or show enhanced views of the real world. Augmented reality has been around for a while. For years, it was under the peruse of military or high technology industry. Heads Up displays in fighter jets would be the most obvious use that comes to mind. With the advent of smartphones with high quality cameras and GPS chips, this technology has been brought to the hands of common people.

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Expert In Creating Augmented Reality Applications On IOS & Android Platforms In Various Industries

speech and audio AR Plastic Surgery App

We designed and developed AR App for plastic surgery for one of our prestigious clients. Through this app user is able to see what they want after surgery.

machine learning AR App - Movie Clips

This App uses Augmented Reality to recognize Hollywood movie posters. User can unlock the movie trailers by the pointing the app to the movie's posters.

chatbot Virtual Try-on Ring App

We design and develop virtual try on ring app for our potential clients in jewelry businesses. Augmented Reality can be a game-changer helping customer to try-on ring virtually before purchasing.

chatbot AR Wine Label

We are working on a project for our prestigious client in wine and spirits. You can also give your brand a great promotional power with unique stories behind the labels.

chatbot AR Publication

Live AR News mobile app is used with a website, a photo in an article is scanned with the camera of a mobile device. The AR software identifies the photo and then loads related digital content.

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Why And Where Augmented Reality Is Useful?

Quytech is a leading augmented reality (AR) company in India to help you built AR mobile apps and solutions based on ARKit, ARCore & more.

  • Augmented Reality for Events
  • AR for Retail Sector
  • AR for Online and Offline Sales
  • Augmented Reality in Publication
  • AR for Architecture
  • AR for Manufacturing
  • Augmented Reality for Jewelry
  • Augmented Reality for Glasses
  • Augmented Reality for Wine label
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AR Tools and Technologies

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Our Work

  • ar wine label app

    AR Wine Label App

    Loco Porti wines, is a Florida based wine manufacturer. They wish to launch the AR campaign for their wine collection.

  • magnet - ar event app

    Magnet - AR Event App

    Music Driven is an AR application that allows users to experience events in Augmented Reality. This app is developed for an event where users can enjoy the live events with 3D animation effects.

  • virtual try on glasses

    Virtual Try-on Glasses

    We have successfully developed an AR solution for eye care brand. With the help of 3D virtual try-on technology offer a virtual catalogue of the different stylish frames to your customer.

  • ar news app

    Live Augmented Reality App for Newspaper

    We designed and developed Augmented Reality Apps for Newspaper for one of our prestigious clients. This AR app helps to bring publication's content to live by adding a digital element to the printed material...

  • web based ar application

    Web Based Augmented Reality Application

    We design and develop Web AR platform that open new opportunities to add highly engaging and immersive content to your website. Web AR used in websites/browsers helps to create interactive experiences for users.

  • unity-based pc-games

    Unity-Based PC-Games

    We utilize the unity game engine to offer unbeatable experience in PC Games with multiplayer features. Our game offers stunning visualizations, interactive stories and much more to take games player’s craziness to the next level.

  • ar based game app

    AR Based Game App

    Wormhole is a powerful social community builder that brings professional gamers together at a place where the World is the Game. By becoming a wormholer, you can step into the stream to create and customize your clubhouse and experience an environment that blends both the virtual and real world. Get the app right away!

  • ar packaging app

    AR Packaging App

    iPKG is an interactive AR mobile application that enables users to scan different images/markers via the device camera. This is an AR packaging app featured with AR content which is a combination of text, sound, video, animations and interactive games to engross the potential user.

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We understand your project perspective to convert your amazing ideas into reality. Usher your business into a futuristic realm with our high-quality development services.

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