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Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Quytech offers end to end enterprise mobility solutions to overcome business challenges.


Tracking and managing remote field workers have been a big problem for companies. It's tough to measure the productivity levels of remote workers in industries like Security, Infrastrusture and Exploration. Quytech has helped several of ther clients in monitoring the productivity of remote workers. Here's how the solution works:-

  • Each remote worker is given a smart phone with an app installed. The app can also be installed on the employee's phone.
  • Whenever the employee reaches the designated site, the system registers the attendance of the employee.
  • The app also tracks if the employee has left the site for some time during the day.
  • Custom made alerts to track critical sites where presence of employees is a must. Get alerted in case the employee leaves the site for more than 15 mins. This is typical in areas requiring security like ATMs, banks etc.

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Your mobile has been doing almost every errand. It has made your life hassle free. So, whether you have to make a business presentation, connect with people for an event or witness your competitors’ work, the Smartphone does the needful. And, a feather in the cap is the app, which has made sure to pursue everything with added features and relative ease. So, when you have a business, especially that involving remote workers how do you keep a tab on their attendance? You can avail an app developed for this too.

We at Quytech bring this app to you for employee attendance. The employee will be able to pursue one time, login with a security code. They can mark their attendance from almost anywhere of the office premise, even in remote areas with the geolocation feature. The user also has the ability to manage leaves with the app. The supervisor is able to assign tasks with the feature of task management. The shift management involves that with the app the employee will be able to get all the information involving alteration in shifts.


You need your employee to reach on time, be productive and do the work in the given time slot. As much as this is of significance, so is the management behind this. Initially, this required a team of supervisors and many technological gadgets. However, the apps have altered the scenario. We bring to you the finest mobile apps for employee attendance. You will be able to set schedules with it. You will be in the position to track work hours. And, this in turn will aid in easier payroll mode.

This is just the start of the many benefits associated. You can imagine the accuracy of management with the app. The workers will be able to provide with their attendance time and the supervisors will be able to avail it. The employee will be able to witness his or her task schedule from anywhere. The employer will be in the position to track the employee, especially that involving safety requirement. There is nothing more accurate that digital technology and with apps you will be in the receiving hand of complete accuracy.

Industry Segments

  • Security Management Services
  • Facility Management Services
  • FMCG
  • Insurance

  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Construction Industry
  • Infrastructure Industry

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