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Quytech, a renowned machine learning development company, leverages computational intelligence, predictive analysis, pattern recognition, and other latest techniques to deliver future-ready ML applications. We facilitate data-based decision making to create innovative models that automate and streamline your business operations and also enhance your customers' experience.

Our team of certified and adept developers have a proven track record of delivering tailor-made ML models to hundreds of clients from various business verticals, including healthcare, retail, marketing, and banking. We make the most of machine learning solutions to ensure data integrity in all the web and mobile applications. Quytech promises to deliver ML-powered applications that simply your business processes, accelerate its operational growth, and bring desired results.

Types of Machine Learning Techniques We Hold Expertise On

  • Regression- It can be defined as a supervised machine learning task with outputs having continuous value.
  • Classification- It is a supervised machine learning task with outputs having discrete value or defined labels.
  • Clustering- Grouping similar entities together by figuring out similarities in the data points comes is known as clustering.

Machine Learning Development Services

data modelling
Data Modelling

From hypothesizing to the actual integration of the data models, we provide businesses complete data modelling solutions. Using highly advanced tools, we extra your business requirements and then offer you a solution that helps you achieve the success and growth of your business.

statistical modelling
Statistical Modelling/Analysis

We use linear and non-linear regression analysis, time series modelling, experimental studies, observational studies, and various other tools to offer data modelling solutions that offer valuable statistical analysis that further finds out new opportunities to attain business goals.

exploratory data analysis
Exploratory Data Analysis

Under EDA, we apply various techniques and analyze data from various angles to bring out valuable insights and crucial aspects before implementing different modelling techniques. EDA verifies certain relationships and find out the unexpected ones in data.

predictive analysis
Predictive Analysis

We develop cutting-edge solutions to analyze the historical data that further helps businesses to assess possible future outcomes and make better decisions. Our solutions produce useful insights to improve the current business processes for the betterment of tomorrow.


Through forecasting services, we help businesses to look into the market insights and predict the future demands of their products and services. Our contemporary forecasting approach creates a robust system to analyze and accelerate data at a faster speed to bring accurate forecasts.

How Do We Work?

We follow a systematic approach to build ML-based models that help businesses to scale up and grow.

data collection

Data Collection

The team of machine learning experts at Quytech collects and examines your business-related data collected only from the appropriate sources. We understand and then filter the same to proceed with the data that can improve your business efficiency.

data preparation

Data Preparation

We use highly advanced machine learning algorithms, like data robot and feature engineering, to process the raw data to improve its quality and make it efficient. While preparing your data, we also throw out the incomplete and unstructured data from the collection.

creating models

Creating Models

In the third phase, we create and train ML models that can look into customers’ insights, make intelligent decisions, and act like humans. Before deploying the model into a web or mobile application, we run thousands of validation and verification checks.

final deployment

Final Deployment

After getting your approval on the prepared data as well as the machine learning models, we proceed further to deploy the web or mobile application. The best part is that we always welcome the suggestions and never proceed until we get a YES from our client.

We Serve Machine Learning Development Services
To Following Business Verticals


Our Work

  • ai based emotions tracking

    Emotions Tracking Project (Video & Images)

    This AI-based emotions tracking solution is for tracking the emotions of the user while video recording. With this AI solution, the emotions are tracked in terms of Sad, Angry, Happy, etc. Observing the user’s body language, voice tone, hand motions, and other gestures. This helps make improvements after capturing the futurist index most accurately. About an emotional tracking project.

    • Tracking emotions using Keras and Opencv.
    • Applying pre-defined haarcascade for classification.
    • Classification into different category (like happy, sad, anger etc.)
    • Apply opencv to detect face and predict emotions.
  • NLP for text extraction

    NLP for Text Extraction

    This NLP and Machine Learning based project is AI-enabled solution to extract time, money, important keyword and sentence similarity from the text. It helps remove incorrect words using by applying data cleaning and data pre-processing. Applying different AI-enabled techniques for various texts.

    • Applying tfidf and word2vec method.
    • Creating vector for text data.
    • Extracting date from Date_time function.
    • Extract important words using genism method.
    • Apply normalization technique using TfidfVectorizer method.
    • Removing incorrect words using nltk.
  • ai object detection

    AI Object Detection

    AI with object detection is helpful in to fetch data for important data points. We have designed and developed AI solutions for different datasets to achieve higher accuracy on a variety of data samples. Custom Models like Human Ethnicity, Count Logo Brands, Car Type, Car Brand, Car Size, Human height, and many others can easily be detected.

    • Using Deep Learning models to extract features.
    • We train our own AI model using (CNN,OPENCV) for different datasets.
    • Optimize the model to achieve higher accuracy on a variety of data samples.
    • Input is fed into the trained model and result is fetched in output.
    • Object Detection is more accurate for creating custom models any real based problem statements.
  • ai based recommendation

    AI-Based Recommendation

    This AI-based project offer the user the best recommendation results based on the history. The personalized recommendations are offered to the targeted users after the analysis of the data. The focus is to increase average order value i.e., to up-sell and cross-sell customers by providing product suggestions. The search done at a particular time zone and category offers the approach of the user while searching about the product.

    • Reading data set and sorting by course rating.
    • Concatenate multiple field and store in single column.
    • Finding the cosine similarity between words.
    • Finding the indices and weight_rating of words.
    • Apply tfidf vectorization to analyse word on the basis of ngrams(NLP).
  • ai based marketing analysis

    TunGo API - AI Based Marketing Analysis

    TunGo Project where we created the API's with the AI model to extract the human count, car count, car size, human height from the video which is captured by a van.

    This project consists of step by step integration of different modules that consist of AI, ML along with Data Science.

    User would be able to see the real time statistics and insights of the advertisement that is being displayed on the van and also show the real time location of the van.

  • ai-enabled apps for education

    Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Apps for Education

    Quytech, a top education app development company has developed a prominent edtech platform namely FutureNow. FutureNow is an Edtech platform where users are able to watch short videos of 2 minutes on various topics. With futurists, users can upload the videos, create course contents & chapters, and earn money.

    Some of the Artificial Intelligence components included in FutureNow are:

    • Emotion tracking
    • Videos Transcription
    • AI based study journey plan
    • Smart recommendation system
    • Motion detection

Client Testimonials

quote leftQuytech moves quickly and efficiently, consistently delivering high-quality work. They are very well organized, communicating responsively and coming prepared to each meeting. The entire team is patient and considerate, setting the foundation for a productive working relationship.quote right

Kate Downing

United States

quote left"Their project management is excellent." Quytech has been flexible to changes, and they’ve managed their project exceptionally. The team is open to and acts on constructive feedback, and their desire to get to know the business and its goals has made for a pleasant partnership thus far.quote right

Tim Kuglin (President & Founder)


quote leftQuytech's team is highly efficient in their workflow. With regular screen sharing on Google Hangouts, the team makes it easy for all parties to understand what’s going on.quote right

Devon Butler (CEO)

Evolve Basketball, Atlanta, Georgia

quote leftEncouraged by the team’s flexibility, Quytech produced a platform that satisfied stakeholders. The team is not only responsive to changes in requirements but also accessible.quote right

Rosana Ourens (Senior Fisheries Scientist)

Cefas, United Kingdom

quote leftQuytech’s efforts meet client expectations so far. Colleagues who have tried the app appreciate its quality. They do a good job of analyzing the project, asking questions, & accommodating my needs. Quytech is a proactive vendor that gets the job done.quote right

Sabina (Founder, Productivity Management App)

New York, USA

quote leftQuytech delivered a user-friendly platform that realizes the client’s vision. The team created a comprehensive project outline and methodically executes it, facilitating transparent collaboration. Their receptiveness to feedback and clear communication support a successful partnership.quote right

Obray Cowan (Artist, Art by O)

Charlotte, North Carolina

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