Custom Mobile Application Development

Mobile Apps in Healthcare Industry

Increase in the number of smart devices and technology advancement, opening a big opportunity to bridge the gap between IT solutions and healthcare industry. Now it time to develop cost efficient health care apps. Despite of contributing highest revenue and employment in economy, healthcare sector is still under served. There is significance scope for enhancing healthcare services by mobile apps.

Healthcare market in India is worth USD 100 billion and expected to grow thrice by 2020. According to survey, 86% of health care experts believe that health apps enhance their knowledge of patient's conditions and they treat them in efficient way. Anyone can make significant changes in their daily routine from M-health apps. Mobile app users can access, diagnose and improve their health by organising information and monitoring their medical conditions. Health care institutions and doctors who uses mobile apps believes that they are more efficient to treat their patients.

Wearable devices are getting popular and plays remarkable role in M-health industry, from smartwatches to fitness band, Wearables are extensively accepted by consumers. Users can understand drug prescriptions, find drug alternatives, do research and instantly contact doctors or specialists.

Quytech plays a very active part in technology advancement and involved in M-health apps since 5 years, we have expertise in health care development and can take your Mhealth app project to the next level. We understand the challenges and use holistic approach to build intuitive software products.

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