Client Jacob Country USA
Project scope and technology PHP, MySQL, Graph QL Industry Healthcare
Team Composition 2 Backend PHP Developers, 1 iOS Developer, 1 Project Manager Work duration 10 Months
The Mobility Mamba is an orthopedic patient app that allows users to navigate through a variety of videos related to orthopedic conditions using various categories and timetabled activities such as morning and evening, establish a routine or follow a suggested routine, and download videos to watch later. Also, the function is highly dependent on subscription. Furthermore, the app's emphasis is on mobility work: the "additional work" to your "other job." Use the app's programs and workouts as a guide tool to learn new methods to explore your body's talents, limitations, and actual potential.


One of the most onerous challenges we faced straight away was obtaining data from over 100 different forms of Yoga, Strength Training, and HIIT Workouts that help in curing orthopedic conditions. It took us a few days to figure out how to construct a real-time sync mechanism.

We worked with our client to develop a wireframe that separated each phase of the process related to the various panels, such as “Talk to me," "Mobility routines," and “Easy to follow videos." Our team of engineers, designers, and testers were kept informed at all times to guarantee that each module was verified before moving on to the next.

Our method entails creating an algorithm to link the many training forms with the millions of healthcare records that were created over a lengthy period of time by experts.
orthopedic patient app


When we originally had the idea for the project, our first priority was to include the Human API Platform. Each of the data sets was initially submitted to the API, and it was the API that we utilized to get the data for the app. The procedures outlined in the framework for each of the various panels were then broken down.

The application was also incredibly information and graphic-rich, so we made sure that all of the UI components, including text font, color scheme, and icon placement, were done in a way that might make it straightforward for users to navigate the application and read and evaluate all of the provided insights.

In terms of the overall feel of the application, we suggested selecting neutral colors for the layout's background. These hues provide a calm feeling that is necessary for users to concentrate on this orthopedic app's more important features.


Key Features of the App:

  • User management
  • Providers management- On-boarding
  • Payment handling
  • Video upload and category management
  • Subscription management
  • Video content upload and category management
  • Reports and analytics
  • Notification handling
orthopedic app
workouts app


In the end, to make it simpler for users to engage with the application, Quytech divided each challenging activity into easy phases.

The end result that was handed to us was an app that supported every activity we asked it to carry out and was useful for anyone who was interested in physical training, had orthopedic concerns, or just wanted to keep up their overall health.

12 weeks

crafting the design

22 weeks

full app development

5 weeks

user testing

1 week

Project Duration

My main objective was to promote a healthy lifestyle that includes the endurance of our physical well-being, incorporated into our exercises and leisure activities, and weaved into the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. I just wanted to design something that will assist not only health-conscious individuals and their families/friends, but also make the healthcare industry more responsive by offering insight into the ground-level healthcare difficulties that individuals experience. I approached Quytech with a notion that required a large number of characteristics to be in sync at the nanoscale.

President, The Mobility Mamba

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