Client Divya Country India
Project scope and technology Backend - Php, Android Native, iOS Native Industry Fitness
Team Composition 2 Backend Developers, 2 Android Native Developers, 2 IOS Native Developers Work duration 7 Months

The Mindful Happiness app is developed by Quytech that allows the end user to listen to the audio associated with every desired mood like focus, happiness, anger, anxiety, & more. This app teaches you to meditate and live serenely.


Our client enjoys helping individuals with personal development. When he came to Quytech, he was looking for a way to enable many people to enjoy the benefits of meditation by developing a unique meditation app with an easy-to-use group panel that would allow groups to distribute their content.

So, the biggest challenge we ran into right from the ideation stage was Mindful Happiness, a content-driven app, so it required a lot of mental health-related content. In addition, the client expected us to implement custom content for the app to deliver personalized health-related content to users, which took us a few days to understand.

We kept our team of designers, developers, and testers in the loop to ensure each element was tested before moving on to the next. Moreover, our team made sure that it met all the meditator's expectations. They designed the interactive UX and UI of the app to enhance the user experience.

Since the app was extremely rich in graphics, we configured every element of the UI in a way that would make it easy for meditators to navigate effortlessly.
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Processes We Followed to Develop a Meditation App

We held brainstorming sessions with the client to discuss their vision for the product. Planning or designing was the initial and important stage of this project, as we needed to structure all the information we received from the client.

The client shared an idea that was discussed and enhanced by our designers during the planning phase. Further, to develop an efficient meditation app, our team researched and outlined a roadmap to finalize the interface outlook and the app features. Thereafter we decided on the technology stack we used to develop the application.


Key Features of the App:

  • Guided Meditations to calm your mind
  • Statics to measure progress
  • Expeditions to learn classic meditation
  • Relaxation techniques to help you relax
  • Simplified UI for better experience
  • Group Meditation
  • Multi-Language support
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group meditation
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The Outcome of Our Devoted Efforts

Since UI and UX matter a lot, our team also devoted a lot of time to giving the app an amazing and attractive look. They incorporated easy navigation features and user-friendly functionality to give users a unique experience.

Moreover, we worked on all the sections and queries as per the client's expectations. We were able to develop an engaging meditation app with advanced features including an easy-to-use user interface, multiple language support, and list of meditation guides, and more.

We at Quytech ensured that every single requirement of the client was fulfilled. Finally, we developed a result-driven meditation app, resolving all the challenges along the way. The resulting product that came to us was an app that justified every process we wanted it to perform, benefiting all meditators.

4 weeks

crafting the design

18 weeks

full app development

4 weeks

user testing

1 week

Project Duration

In my opinion, Quytech is deserving of the praise it has received thus far. I am satisfied enough with the final product they have developed and very confident that this team will scale great heights very soon.


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