Client Chauncey Country USA
Project scope and technology Mobile App Development, Unity, Node.js, Laravel, MySQL Industry Gaming
Team Composition 1 Unity Developer, 2 Node.js Developer, 1 Laravel Developer, 1 Project Manager Work duration 6 Months
Our client, Hitters Challenge, a baseball innovation based in Ontario, California, gives players the chance to enhance their baseball-striking skills. It first started as little more than a baseball and softball game. The Hitters Challenge's developers have a wealth of expert knowledge in the fields of baseball, technology, and game creation.


One of the significant difficulties with the application was user engagement. Our squad of Hitters Challenge developers worked on designing a data flow diagram for the game and figuring out how the users would be displayed the facts.

The process of developing an application with multiplayer features was complex, and it ought to be completed accurately and without any bugs. Our team was successful in adding functionalities to the application that let users choose the players or avatars they wanted to use (along with their specifications).

Since the application needed to be designed with many specifications in 3D modeling, such as 3D stadiums and 3D characters with various looks and outfits, it became challenging. But thanks to the expertise of our development team, we were able to fix bugs including unsatisfactory UI/UX design, sluggish app starting, unidentified components, and generally poor app performance.

Execution necessitated beginning from scratch because there was just a concept on the table; this included comprehensive design and all development.
baseball game


To make sure we fully grasped the guidelines for multiplayer gaming, we first visualized the user experience. The data later became the basis for the feature selections and integration options for baseball games.

Then, after spending days in the development workshop learning about the client's vision for the product and the skills that would enable the objective to be carried through, we took a step ahead towards the completion of the project with a lot of commitment.

Also, with the insights we obtained from the design sprint, we were able to develop a solution that brought the entire multiplayer experience—choosing co-players and avatars, working with your team, and following the rules—to mobile devices.

hitters challenge

Key Features of the App:

  • Social Login: Facebook, Apple
  • Daily Rewards
  • Multiplayer Experience
  • Different Playing Modes
  • Avatar Selection
  • Weekly/Monthly Events
  • Invite Friends
softball game
ultimate gaming application
multiplayer game
ultimate gaming app


Our dedicated work resolved all the challenges that were present and enhanced the functionality of the Hitters Challenge gaming app.

Additionally, less than 2 seconds were required for the application to launch, allowing users to enjoy a cutting-edge gaming experience with user interactivity and the option to select their ideal player/avatar.

4 weeks

crafting the design

16 weeks

full app development

3 weeks

user testing

1 week

Project Duration

We were searching for a corporation to assist us in creating the ultimate gaming application. When we teamed with Quytech, they not only comprehended the concept for our product but also provided us with suggestions on how to improve the app's originality and usability. For services in application development, we heartily endorse them.

President, Hitters Challenge

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