Client Obray Country United States
Project scope and technology Backend - PHP or Laravel, Frontend - Unity3D (iOS or Android), Database - MySQL Industry NGO
Team Composition 2 Backend developers, 2 Unity developers, 1 Project Coordinator Work duration 7 Months

Coloring with ArtbyO is a comprehensive guide through awareness, using popular designs from the @ArtbyO brand. Sketch App helps to relieve anxiety and stress, which can be extremely valuable at times when hectic work schedules, long hours of study, or the dilemmas of daily life can create drastic changes in the mood.


Our client is a young enthusiast whose mission was simple i.e., to have fun and shine light into dark corners. When he came to Quytech, he was looking for a way to enable many people to enjoy the benefits of sketch coloring by developing a unique app with an easy-to-use interface.

So the biggest challenge we encountered straight from the ideation stage was that the sketch app has a rich UI/UX with some unique features. Our client expected our Unity developers to implement all the required features as per his imagination and requirement. Therefore, it took us a few days to understand it.

Also, there was one more challenge we faced while developing this sketch app, that is, our client was very particular about how the app should look and feel and what colors he wanted to implement in the app, so our Unity developers considered it and worked accordingly.

Overall, we kept our team of designers, developers, and testers informed to ensure each element of the sketch coloring app was tested before moving on to the next. Also, our team made sure that the sketching app meets all the expectations of the client. They designed the app's interactive and enticing UX and UI to enhance the user experience.

Since the app was extremely rich in graphics, we configured every element of the UI in a way that would make it engaging and easy for users to indulge deeply.
best drawing app

Processes We Followed to Develop a Drawing App

We held brainstorming sessions with the client to discuss their vision for the product. Planning was an initial and important stage of this project, as we needed to structure all the information we received from the client.

Since UI and UX matter a lot, our team also devoted a lot of time to giving the app an amazing and enticing look. They incorporated easy navigation features and user-friendly functionality to give users a unique sketch coloring experience.

Last but not least, we worked on all the detailed features and functionalities as per the client's expectations. We were able to develop a fascinating sketching app with advanced features that helps users to relieve stress and anxiety.


Key Features of the App:

  • Enable coloring to reduce anxiety & stress
  • My Sketches to color exclusive artwork
  • Make art purchases via Amazon pay
  • Color sketches to relieve anxiety & stress
  • Simplified and amazing UI
  • Seamless Sign In/ Sign Up
  • Multi-Language support
  • Have coloring effects for different age groups
Let's Color
best drawing
drawing app
sketch app

The Outcome of Our Devoted Efforts

The client shared an idea to develop this sketch app. Our developers considered the idea and created a design that was discussed and enhanced during the planning phase. Further, to develop this app, our team researched and outlined a roadmap to finalize the interface outlook and the app features. Thereafter we decided on the technology stack we used to develop this amazing application.

This app is a bit different with live brushes, pencils, crayons, etc., spreading across the screen, gorgeous graphics, and blending effects that don't look exceptional. We worked hard and developed this sketching app so that its simplified approach allows designers and illustrators to get their ideas without being bogged down by other tools.

We at Quytech ensured that every single requirement of the client was fulfilled. Finally, we developed an engaging Sketch app, resolving all the challenges along the way. The resulting product that came to us was an app that helps to relieve anxiety and stress by coloring unique sketches.

4 weeks

crafting the design

21 weeks

full app development

4 weeks

user testing

1 week

Project Duration

I would love to thank the entire team that worked on this project. I am satisfied working with Quytech. You guys made the app look amazing! My trust in Quytech pays off. I would definitely recommend them as they are the best mobile app development services provider globally!


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