Client Nick Country USA
Project scope and technology Node JS, Android Native, iOS Native, React JS, and WordPress Industry IT
Team Composition 2 iOS developers, 2 Android developers, 1 ReactJs developer, 1 WordPress developer Work duration 8 Months

Welcome to take a deeper glance at our new fitness app development project: it's the swim workout application empowering swimmers to reach their health and performance goals. We have done deep and thoughtful work on the development of this MySwimPro app. As it allows you to track all your data and learn from the performance, suggesting faster intervals so that you always push yourself towards improvement. Plus, the training plan in the app allows you to personalize your swimming speed, goals, and skill level.


Our client passionately believes in teamwork, sunrise swims, taper workouts, motivating lane buddies, and making swimming more accessible to people across the globe. When he connected with our experts at Quytech, he was looking for dedicated developers to develop a swim workout app to democratize swimming and provide industry-leading guidance, workouts, and support to swimmers worldwide.

So the biggest challenge we encountered straight from the development stage was that the client wanted to revamp the former code and add new features in a limited time. Our team understood the initial level code and ported that code from Swift 2 to Swift 4 in the given time frame and simultaneously worked on adding new features to the app.

Also, there was one more challenge we faced while developing this swim workout app, i.e., our client was very particular about what features and functionalities he wanted to implement in the app, so our devoted app developers considered it and worked accordingly.

Overall, we communicated and informed our app developers to ensure that each element of the MySwimProswim workout app was developed and tested prior to moving on to the next.

We are proud to state that MySwimPro has helped more than 1.5 million swimmers swim faster, lose weight, & train for races. Quytech is extremely glad that our technological innovation & initiatives have a very important part to play in this achievement.
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We hold brainstorming sessions with the client to discuss their vision for the final product. Planning was an initial and important stage of this project, as we needed to structure all the information we received from the client.

Our team spent a lot of time developing this swim workout app. We incorporated easy navigation features and user-friendly functionality for a user to keep track of all their data and learn from their performance. Finally, we were able to develop a wonderful swimming fitness app with advanced features that helps users achieve their health and performance goals.


Key Features of the App:

  • Personalized swim training plans
  • New & personalized workout of the day 365 days a year
  • Extensive open-water workout library of stroke-specific workouts
  • Customized intervals for each set, including target splits for every rep
  • 100% guided swim workouts on your Apple Watch
  • Build your custom workouts
  • Detailed analytics, including stroke, split, & SWOLF data
  • Drill & technique video library
  • Compete in monthly swim challenges
  • Log the first workout in your recommended training plan
  • Track & log your swims with or without a smartwatch
  • Track total distance swim
  • View logged workouts on your profile
  • Earn achievement badges
swim workout app
workout app
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The Outcome of Our Devoted Efforts

The client presented a concept and design for the swimming workout app. Thereafter, we decided on the technology stack we used to develop this amazing application. Our developers considered the plan he gave and developed this application accordingly.

We at Quytech ensured that every single requirement of the client was fulfilled. The resulting product that came to us was a unique app that empowers swimmers to reach their health and performance goals.

Overall, we pushed our limits and developed a marvelous swim workout app for professional & non-professional swimmers who want to track their open-water workout progress, create smart training plans, and achieve great results in swimming.

Our dedicated team of developers has unleashed the power of tech to develop this app, now the app has helped more than 1.5 million swimmers swim faster, lose weight, and reach their health goals. Additionally, the MySwimPro app for the Apple Watch was named App of the Year.

32 Week

Requirement Analysis - Full-app Development
Project Duration

I'd like to express my gratitude to the entire team that worked on my swim workout development project. The Quytech team helped us triple our velocity and deliver more than 40 features to the market in 8 months. Appreciate working with a fantastic team! - Clutch Review


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