Client John Country Kenya, East Africa
Project scope and technology Mobile App Development, Native(Android), Laravel, MySQL Industry Gaming
Team Composition 2 Android Developers, 1 Laravel Developer, 1 Project Manager Work duration 4.5 Months
Jumbo Game, a mobile-centric online gaming platform and is one of our clients. This game was professionally developed since it met Quytech's requirements for research projects that benefit the community of dedicated developers. A lasting user acquisition strategy must be included right into the goods by the developers. The Jumbo Game's development team was knowledgeable about the gaming business and gave it their best.


Keeping numerous games running simultaneously was one of the biggest challenges faced when creating the Jumbo Game. In order to improve their attention span, the Jumbo Game developer's team played a series of various games that were both very addicting and incredibly engaging. Additionally, because the leaderboard panel must be automatically changed (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly), designing and maintaining it was rather challenging.

The requirement that the program be created to play several games made integrating types of fun and arranging them all in one interface a challenging task. But thankfully, our development team was able to resolve every problem and deliver top-notch visuals, a lag-free user interface, and a satisfying gameplay experience.

The project's main goal was to boost user engagement through better UI/UX design while also entertaining the app users with a variety of amazing games.
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At first, there were just a few coffee mugs on our discussion table when our client came to us with a range of uncertain ideas, and that's when we had the idea to design a game that contains multiple games.

We had to develop an appropriate model that could contain and support the numerous games after spending days working on it in the development workshop. But with the help of our dedicated developers, we were able to design the perfect UX/UI and properly link all the games.

Finally, during the execution stage, we concentrated on user security in relation to the wallet that was used to redeem cash. This allowed us to develop a dynamic gaming application with cutting-edge features.


Key Features of the App:

  • Cash Rewards Redemption
  • Multiplayer Experience
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Challenges
  • Invite Friends
  • Leader Board
  • Wallet Accessibility
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Quytech broke down each challenging task into manageable steps to make it easier for users to interact with the application. A gaming experience that enables individuals to take part in a range of interactive games and move up leaderboards is the result of our 4.5 months of effort.

In addition, we included every required component in order to provide consumers with a unique experience while conquering at the top of the leaderboard. We have made it feasible to successfully deploy a number of interesting games in one place.

3 weeks

crafting the design

12 weeks

full app development

2 weeks

user testing

1 week

Project Duration

For everyone who wishes to develop an app, Quytech provides a robust set of tools and help. And if you run into trouble, the support staff will be able to assist you. I collaborated with Quytech to oversee Jumbo Game's whole development process. By combining necessary functionality and providing a gaming application with an excellent user experience, Quytech assisted us in realizing our ambition.

President, Jumbo Game

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