Client Brendan Country Canada
Project scope and technology Backend - Php, Android Native, iOS Native Industry Fitness
Team Composition 1 Project Manager, 2 Backend Developers, 1 Mobile Programmer, 1 Business Analyst, 1 UI/UX Designer, 1 Quality Associate Work duration 3 Months

EsVedra - A meditation and wellness app designed and developed by Quytech that allows users to have a meditation session as per their preference on the application. Based on the preference the user can select Love, Meditation or Breathwork, etc., to have the meditation session on the app. This meditation and wellness app teaches you to meditate and live serenely.


Our client enjoys helping people with personal development. When he came to Quytech, he was looking for a way to enable many people to enjoy the benefits of meditation and wellness by developing a unique app to calm their minds and live a healthy lifestyle.

The client, EsVedra, contacted us seeking urgent steps to design and develop the meditation and wellness app, which was scheduled to hit the market in late 2022.

So the most significant challenge we ran into from the ideation stage was that EsVedra is a content-driven app, so it required a lot of content related to health and wellness. In addition, the client expected us to implement personalized content so that the application will provide customized health and wellness-related content to users.

To consider all the challenges and make the content scalable, it took us a few days to proceed. But after discussing the challenge and considering the project requirements and the needs of our client, we decided to create a secure application that serves as a platform to allow users to have a meditation session according to their preferences.

We at Quytech implemented each solution carefully to launch a stellar meditation & wellness app. Our developers perfectly achieved the expected goals, sketched a rough design, built the prototype, developed, and released the app on time.
meditation and wellness app

Processes We Followed to Develop a Meditation & Wellness App

Initially, we discussed the client's product vision during brainstorming sessions. Planning was an initial and important stage of this project, as we needed to structure all the information we received from the client.

After finishing the first stage, we worked on the mobile app prototypes to understand the visual workflow. Once we've tested and confirmed the prototypes and how they would look on Android and iOS, we deliver the final drafts to the engineering team.

Moreover, our team of mobile app developers worked accordingly to develop this app and made the client’s dream project a beautiful reality.


Key Features of the App:

  • A podcast to calm your mind
  • Meditation to de-stress Body
  • Meditation Feeds
  • Online Meditation & Wellness Classes
  • My Goals to set a target
  • Wallet
  • Track real-time progress
  • Invite Friends to do a group meditation
  • Simplified UI
  • Sign In/ Sign Up (Social Login: Facebook, Apple)
  • Multi-Language support
meditation and wellness app
meditation app
wellness app
meditation app

The Outcome of Our Devoted Efforts

We at Quytech ensured that every single requirement of the client was fulfilled. Finally, we designed, developed, and delivered a result-oriented meditation and wellness app, overcoming each obstacle along the way.

Our dedicated team worked hard and developed this app that will serve as a platform that will allow users to have a meditation session as per their preference on the app. Based on preference, the user can select Love, Meditation Breathing, etc., to have the meditation session in the application.

In addition, we created functionality so that the user can bookmark a specific session, invite a friend, share and book a class for a day from the application. In addition, the user can view the most recent medication-based feeds and can like and comment on them. Using the functionalities developed by us, the user can choose his goals that will be displayed based on the moods of the users, such as: - love, soul growth, yoga, etc.

Last but not least, we completed all queries and sections in accordance with the client's requirements. We were able to develop an engaging meditation and wellness app with unique features.

Finally, the resulting fitness and wellness app that came to us was a platform that justified every process we wanted it to perform, benefiting all meditators and wellness geeks.

2 weeks

crafting the design

20 weeks

full app development

1 week

user testing

1 week

Project Duration

Their project management is excellent! Quytech has been flexible with changes, and the team has managed the project exceptionally well. A pleasant partnership has emerged as a result of the team's willingness to act on constructive feedback and their desire to learn more about the company and its objectives.


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