Merchandising Solution Case Study


Client's Business Overview

Pernod Ricard India (P) Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pernod Ricard SA.

Pernod Ricard is the world's co-leader in wines and spirits with consolidated sales of € 8,558 million in 2014/15.

Pernod Ricard is the fastest growing multinational beverage liquor company in India with a business spanning the entire length and breadth of the country delivering quality products to its discerning consumers.

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Requirement Overview

With an international reach, Pernod Ricard has built a unique Premium brand portfolio in each segment. Pernod Ricard India holds one of the most comprehensive and Premium portfolios in the industry. They wanted to ensure high market share and relative brand visibility of product sales by maintaining a high share of in-store and out-store brand visibility. For this, they opted for visual merchandising services or point of sales marketing material across retail stores.

In order to manage a quick developing portfolio, Pernod Ricard required a method to execute complex go-to-market efforts and an array of field intelligence to keep the integrity of their various brands, monitoring of marketing budget and collateral placed at different outlets and inventory tracking.

Challenges & Objectives


  • Manual Tracking System:
    The Traditional manual tracking system was used to fetch the data pertaining to their brand visibility in the stores. This has some obvious shortcomings.
  • Credibility:
    They weren't completely sure that the assigned agent had actually been to the store .There were high possibilities of default or sending some other person at his/her place.
  • Real-Time Tracking:
    No method of real time tracking and executing of branding strategy.
  • Authenticity:
    Even if they were sending their entrusted agent to capture the pictures of the products line in the stores, they were still not sure whether they have clicked the pictures or just got them uploaded via the internet OR local phone gallery since they were getting repeated images most of the time.


  • The goal was to effectively allocate resources within the portfolio based on priorities and the opportunities aroused in each market.
  • They wanted to track the point-of-sale execution and incentive-based display compliance properly.


We helped them solve the above issues and make the correct brand audit reports on a real-time basis. Quytech studied thoroughly through the problems and objectives. After that, they created a unique suite of Mobile application for the marketing team to upload the reports for keeping a track on it’s brand’s visibility index.

  • Brand Visibility Reports

    The report comprising of images, visibility data can be submitted via app. App supports offline mode and whenever internet connection is available these reports will be uploaded on main database.

  • Reliable off- and on-premise Market Intelligence

    The app empowered them with real-time photo-evidence displays, marketing collateral's placement, competitor analysis, price tracking, inventory capture and new POSM.

  • Real-Time Tracking

    The brand manager can receive merchandising reports when the agents submit it. Also, he/she can view excel and custom reports for any agent, region, date range and attendance in the report interface.

  • Authentic Reports

    The Merchandising application helps them track the time, GPS coordinates of the retail store where pictures are taken. These pictures are strictly uploaded from the camera itself and application’s functionality discards any direct upload from the mobile gallery or internet. This is done to ensure that the hired agent submits authentic reports only.

  • Stock Reports

    The real-time reports include monitoring of marketing collateral's (like : danglers, Posters, banners, Led and glow sign boards etc.) placement, swapped products, stock sales and damaged inventory etc which are sent to brand managers to take quick decision.

  • Field Agent Location Tracking

    The in-store and travel time duration of the field agent is captured through the app. There is always a communication medium available for the field agent to follow up with executives.

  • Strategize Visit

    A well strategize tour plan is sent to the field executives to optimize the time and route schedules.

  • Performance Analytics

    A complete report of target achieved per executives is prepared by the Brand manager to make effective operational strategies and also reward the assessment.

  • Customer Services (Technical Support)

    Our customer services helped our clients with all the technical aspect of the report pertaining to Merchandising, stocks, market intelligence etc.

Our Approach


  • We had multiple meetings with Pernod Ricard’s marketing and sales team to understand their process and for questionnaire creation to capture all aspects related to brand visibility.
  • Implementation of questionnaire on software development to track the progress in real time using mobile based app and web based dashboards for Pernod Ricard 'steam with different levels of access.
  • Capture data across multiple parameters for Pernod Ricard’s inventory along with monitoring of marketing collateral's (like : danglers, Posters, banners,Led and glow sign boards etc.) placed at different stores, swapped products,and damaged inventory.
  • Deployment of the software solution on cloud and conducting face to face & remote training's/workshops for the field executives to identify branding components.


  • The Merchandising application helps them to monitor 35,000+ outlets present in North and South Region of India. These outlets are tracked by approximately 1000+ field sales executive of Pernod Ricard through our mobile apps.The no’s are increasing every month and will be doubled once the west and east region will be captured.
  • Approximately 10,000+ (Ten Thousand) Images are captured Per Day, which helps Pernod Ricard in areas where they are lagging in product branding and display share in different outlets all across India. Based on the structured data captured by their field sales team, Pernod Ricard’s managers can take the intelligent business decision like:
  • Identification of best sellers outlets and categorization of outlets as a Silver, Gold, Platinum etc.
  • Can do a PJP (Pre journey plan) and frequent visits to outlets based on the category of the outlets.
  • Identification of the Outlets those are not performing well so they can provide them with proper training for brand display guidelines set by Pernod Ricard and push them in best seller categories by increasing their sales.
  • Our Merchandising solution helps their marketing managers to understand the ROI of the marketing campaign they are running. With the help of these different reports they can understand the kind of sales they are getting.
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