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Understanding the Demand for Mobile Apps through App Development Trends

One of the most sought-after ways to increase the reach of your business or brand is by coming up with a mobile application that goes viral. But, it makes no sense to rush for app development, just because you have an idea. You need to validate the app idea, and check if it is one of the trending ideas for which there is demand in the market currently, or perhaps there will be demand in future. The same approach holds true if you are thinking hard to come up with an app development idea.

You need to remember that apps occupy space on the mobile phones of users, and so only limited ones will stay there for long. Hence, it becomes important to develop and launch mobile apps that will be demand for a longer period of time. This is where you can do a detailed study of the existing trends in the mobile app and technology world.

In this article, we shall go through some of the popular mobile app development trends that will keep your application in demand now as well as in the future.

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Top Mobile App Development Trends to Focus On

  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Apps

    VR (Virtual Reality) is focussed on offering a wholesome simulative experience to gamers, and this technology is already taking the world by storm. People love to play their favorite games amidst surroundings, which feel as real as possible. Add Augmented Reality (AR) to the mix, and you have a comprehensive gaming experience, like the one people had with one of the highly popular games of recent times - Pokemon Go.

    However, these technologies extend beyond the world of gaming. VR is useful to showcase 3D vision of variety of products in retail showrooms (making the overall experience more interactive), and enables businesses to carry out extensive branding and marketing activities. AR empowers several enterprises in sectors like tourism, engineering, real estate, retail, healthcare, and more, by enabling them to bring people as much closer to reality as possible through highly immersive experiences.

    You can think of more ideas by which these technologies, coupled with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning, can empower businesses to explain their products to targeted users in better ways and even for training their team of employees for enhanced productivity.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Next Gen Mobile Apps

    An effective marketing tool for generating demand for several mobile apps is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). AI and ML go hand in hand to provide innovative functionalities with minimal or no human intervention. This is because these technologies can analyse large chunks of data and predict patterns just as human brains do.

    For example, Amazon can make better product recommendations to its customers by using AI as it helps Amazon evaluate a user’s purchase pattern and buying history and make relevant product suggestions accordingly. The same predictive analysis process is adopted by Netflix which analyzes historical data and user behavior patterns and then predict what the users are most likely to do in future.

    You can say that AI and ML play a key role in personalizing the mobile app experience for the target users

  • Quick Streaming Video Solutions

    While live video streaming apps have always been in demand, they are yet to capture a big size of the market. The rate at which internet connections are improving around the world, there is a great case for many more video streaming apps being embraced by users. There is great scope for such live streaming applications to be used for long-distance collaborations to save time.

    With live video streaming applications, no setup or configuration is required, and users can have quick interactions with different merchants, doctors, lawyers, etc. in the form of high quality videos. Thereis lots more to explore in this space - all you need is support of a highly professional app development company like Quytech, who can quick turn your app ideas into reality.

  • Queue Bursting Apps

    A prime example is the considerable amount of time spent by many at petrol stations to complete the payment for the petrol via their debit or credit cards or with cash. And, if the person is in a hurry to get to work or home or kick start his or her vacation, the long queue at the stations could become very annoying.

    So, effective mobile payment apps for such scenarios are very much in demand and their usage will likely increase in the coming years. Such on-demand mobile apps will help to ensure quick checkouts at petrol stations and considerably reduce the wait time, thereby offering more value to the app users.

  • Focus on Social Networking Games

    With a large percentage of the internet users around the globe using social networking apps / platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., there is a fast emerging trend of social gaming. Social media lovers who prefer to meet and compete with real people in the virtual world, instead of fighting terrorists or aliens or monsters (as done in the old-age gaming world), are embracing a wide variety of social games.

    An online dancing game like 5 Street allows users to dress as per the latest fashion trends and dance with their friends (from real world) to good music. Similarly, a 3D virtual game like IMVU enables users to interact with others through their 3-dimensional avatars.

  • Mobile Payment Solutions

    Technological advancements in the mobile app world have made lives easier for people, especially with regards to helping them save time. For example, with online shopping apps, people are now able to shop from the comfort of their homes, without having to spend a lot of time in physically visiting shops / malls. This has given rise to the demand for mobile payment apps, so that people can have a faster checkout for apps / sites related to online shopping, utility bill payments, ticket booking, and more.

    As per eMarketer, the US retail m-commerce sales forecast mentions a target of over $300 billion by 2020. The manner in which people have embraced apps like Google Wallet and Apple Pay, showcases that the world is moving towards m-commerce. You can think of more innovative ideas along these lines, and come up with apps that can help people save time during payments at various other places.

  • Hybrid App Solutions

    With 'Bring Your Own Device' method being a preferred one among enterprises to lower down the equipment cost and encourage employees to work from anywhere and at anytime, there is a momentum shift towards emergence of hybrid mobile apps. Not only can you develop these hybrid applications in quick time, you can even save costs while doing the same.Also, these apps occupy less space on mobile devices of users as they are literally mobile websites that can be accessed quickly by users. Hope the above discussed mobile app trends proves valuable to your company in coming up with effective mobile application ideas that will remain in demand for upcoming years. Please share your feedback / inputs in the comments section below.

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  • social fitness app
    Social Fitness App

    A high-tech runner app integrated with top-notch features; it allows users to elevate their fitness game by connecting with their nearby runners under the categories of Train and Race. The app also allows users to communicate with other runners using the built-in chat messenger. Not just this, users can also create various events and encourage others to participate and stay fit.

  • last mile logistic app
    Last Mile Logistic App

    Streamline the entire order delivery process for your business as well as the end-customers and drivers with an on-demand delivery service app. Such an app gives complete control on the shipments and their deliveries to ensure transparency between the merchants, drivers, and customers. It ensures on-time deliveries using minimum resources. The best part of the app is that the merchants can integrate the app’s universal APIs, effortlessly.

  • healthcare app
    Healthcare App

    All-in-one application for the patients, doctors, and service providers. The app gives a platform to the patients seeking for medical consultations and doctors rendering healthcare services to connect and communicate. Patients can consult online or schedule home visits. Besides, the patients can also store their medical records with complete security. During the consultation, the doctors can check the medical history and prescribe the medication/treatment accordingly.

  • elearning app
    Social Networking App

    The app is a shared economy platform for digital entertainment where the people and voice is the choice. It provides content creators and other talented performers a platform to showcase their talent and entertain the audience. Bring the best out of you and present it in front of the masses to expand your influence and crown the champion.

  • eLearning App
    eLearning App

    Designed with school kids in mind and a learning app build like a game. Teachers can push content to the app for their students to learn in their own convenience. It has videos, quizzes and other fun content, which makes it a joy for a school kid.

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