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Hire Augmented Reality Developers for inculcating that enhanced experience to your app!

Technology is progressing in leaps and bounds. And, you right there with a business profile, a startup idea, an established industry or provider of service should not lag behind in the race. In keeping at par with the latest we at Quytech have fabricated and developed augmented reality Apps. Undoubtedly, when you are right their looking for developers to pursue the same for you; we are preeminent in the realm.
Augmented reality utilizes the existing environment and superimposed novel information on top of it. The apps associated are fabricated utilizing 3D programs. With the aid of the 3D programs, the developer is able to link animation or the contextual digital information to an augmented reality marker in the real world. This is pursued in the computer program. Thus, when the Augmented reality app receives the digital information from a known marker, the apt image or images is executed.
The image is then utilized for information or entertainment purpose.

Technologies employed by us

In order to aid you with the plethora of technologies utilized for fabricating the apps, here is a list:-

  • OpenCV
  • Unity
  • ARKit
  • Tango
  • Intel Real Sense Technology
  • vuforia
  • wikitude
  • kudan
  • Epson
  • Meta
  • Hololens

Our apps which translate excellence

With apps fabricated by our team, which are pursuing excellence in the market, here is a glimpse to enrich your decision:- Noodles Mania- this app has been fabricated by us for the admirers of Maggie, Top Ramen or Noodles. If you have a packet of either of these noodles, you are able to play an amazing noodle game, with our Augmented Reality app. The users simply need to see the logo of the noodle and enjoy the game. It is available for iPhone.
English Translator App-this app has the ability to translate English text to any other given language on the go. So, whether you are viewing some text on billboards, newspapers, computer screen or book banners it can be duly translated to English. The languages inculcate Greek, Hebrew, Haitian, Indonesian, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Bulgarian, Dutch, French, Estonian, Portuguese, Russia, Spanish and the list goes on. It is available in the Android Market.
Augmented Reality App-Movie Clips- the recognition of Hollywood movie posters is pursued by the augmented reality of this app. The users are simply required to unlock the movie trailers. For this all they need to do is point the app to the poster of the movie. And, the poster can be anywhere in magazines, newspapers, computer screen, billboard, etc. With this the user is able to watch the trailers on YouTube, read the reviews and at the same time avail the details of cast and crew. It is available for iPhone.

Industries which have benefited with Augmented Reality

  • Commercial industry- building of designs and showcasing the products have become relatively feasible.
  • Retail industry- with the app interactive online features and 360 degree view of the product have been possible.
  • Travel and tourism- so much can be done on the go with the augmented reality app, whether finding the itinerary, browsing accommodation or looking for the must visit places.
  • Event management- Augmented reality has definitely managed to bring an added charm to this industry.
  • Entertainment industry- movies, videos, music, games there is so much more possible with this app.

The other industries which are continuously benefitted by the augmented reality tool and apps are social networking, education and automotive repair industry to name some more.

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